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Hodgkens was Sarah Andarsyn's old partner.

In Dead Space: Ignition, he attempted to negotiate with Armado Creeg who was a resident of the Sprawl who went insane.


When it seemed obvious that the negotiations are getting nowhere, he contacted Sarah for help in the situation. Once she and Franco Delille arrived at the scene, she suggested that Franco should help them take the security system down which Armado hacked and was using to monitor Hodgkens' team, preventing them from storming in. After Franco took the system down, Hodgkens ordered his team to storm the residence. They successfully eliminated Armado and rescued his family.

Hodgken's fate afterward was unknown. He could have been killed by the vast number of Necromorphs which would have soon reached them, blown up when the Sprawl was destroyed or been lucky enough to somehow escape from the station.