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DS 3 Hospitality Unit 212 Ext


Hospitality Unit 211 is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3.


Hospitality Unit 211 was one of several prefabricated structures deployed onto Tau Volantis to allow SCAF legionaries to warm themselves and survive out in the frozen wastelands.


Made out of resilient shipping container alloys, HU 211 was located alongside the S.C.A.F Pipeline to provide shelter. The entrance has been sheltered by a tarp and angled metal sheets, to prevent it from being buried under snow, with a manually-operated door granting access. The interior was virtually completely isolated from the outside world, kept warm by electric heaters and lights powered by a generator. The spartan accommodations consisted of shelves, terminals, some entertainment materials, and a bed, but enterprising soldiers figured out how to do laundry using heat and melted snow.