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DS3 Hospitality Unit 213 Ext


Hospitality Unit 213 is a location on Tau Volantis in Dead Space 3.


Hospitality Unit 213 was one of several prefabricated structures deployed onto Tau Volantis to allow SCAF legionaries to warm themselves and survive out in the frozen wastelands. This one was located between the waystation and Supply Depot 212.


Made from tempered galvanized tungsten alloys for space containers, HU 213 had two exits, both sheltered from wind and snow by angled sheets covering the approaches. It was designed as sleeping quarters, with multiple bunks to allow soldiers to rest and catch some sleep. However, it had persistent problems with food stock, especially after Supply Depot 212 went dark. Samuel Ackerman was last officially stationed at HU 213, and suffered the hunger himself.