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The Hostile Environment Suit is an unlockable RIG suit in Dead Space 3.


"Issued to S.C.A.F. research scientists on Tau Volantis, the hostile environment suit is designed to withstand the ionizing radiation emanating from the planet's mantle."
—Suit Kiosk description

The Hostile Environment Suit can only be accessed in Dead Space 3 upon completion of every optional mission within the game, including the Co-op missions, or all optional missions in Classic Mode since co-op is disabled.

The suit is a re-colored version of the Elite Suit. For Isaac, the suit has a digital arctic camouflage pattern covering the majority of the outermost layer of the suit, whilst Carver's version has a digital brown/ mountain color-scheme.

The suit has a crest on the left pauldron with the picture of what appears to be a lion or a wolf with "S.C.A.F." printed above it in yellow.

The Hostile environment suit was issued to S.C.A.F research scientists on Tau Volantis to protect S.C.A.F personnel from ionizing radiation emanated from the planet's mantle. The unlockable suit version is a lot different in terms of looks compared to the original S.C.A.F. suit.


All optional missions, including Co-Op only missions, must be completed to unlock the Hostile Environment Suit, unless playing on Classic Mode, as Classic Mode does not allow for co-op play which greatly reduces the mission count required to obtain the armor. However, it won't be available for the other save files (unless it is a NG+ Classic mode playthrough).



  • This suit has been unaccessible for many players due to a glitch in the game which has not been fixed.
  • A bug on early copies of the PS3 version causes this RIG to disappear from the game upon downloading the Awakened DLC. If this RIG is equipped when Awakened is installed, loading the saved game or starting from a chapter will cause the game to crash. The only way to resume operational playing is to start the game from either the Prologue, Chapter 1 or begin a New Game/New Game +.