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The Hot Death is a weapon that appears in Dead Space 3. The weapon must be built at a Bench after finding the blueprint.


A compact Ripper and advanced Blowtorch, modified with an Ammo Sweeper.


The blueprint for this weapon can be found during Chapter 14. It can be found in a room that requires a torque bar in geology while looking for Rosseta

Technical Specifications[]


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Upper Tool[]

The upper tool of Hot Death consists of a Rip Core with its Defualt Tip (Suspended Ripper). This fires a suspended saw blade for quick cutting. The blade remains spinning right in front of you and moves as you do, allowing you to saw at enemies in your face. However, the spinning blade does not always stagger an enemy or interrupt its melee attack, making this a risky weapon to use against most enemies since they can still attack while being slashed continuously.

Lower Tool[]

The lower tool of Hot Death consists of a Pneumatic Torch with its Default Tip. This produces an intense cloud of white-hot flame. Lights enemies on fire. Some of the damage is instantaneous and some is damage over time. Ammo can be conserved by firing in quick bursts and backing away, firing again when the flames go out.


  • This weapon can't be built or used in Classic mode.