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Hubert was a scientist during the invasion of Earth by the Brethren Moons.


He became a scientist before the invasion and survived for a few hours in the woods before an exploder found and killed him. His body was still intact, so the exploder's fluid turned him into an Infector.


An exploder turned him into an infector. After this, he flew from treetop to treetop searching for animal corpses when he came upon the decayed body of Jeremy Fisher. He turned the body into a mummified slasher. After this, a team of EarthGov soldiers came and killed Hubert, but Jeremy tore their chests out.


  • It is unknown why Jeremy was able to kill the soldiers, although mummified slashers are naturally stronger than regular ones.
  • Hubert's body was not destroyed by the exploder, but this is extremely rare.
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