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The Hunter's Moon was a Magpie ship of unknown class, captained by Jessica Li.[1]

Dead Space Salvage[]

The Hunter's Moon was one of the four ships the Magpies were using to extract illegal minerals from the Aegis sector.

Using a shockring, the group of ships began harvesting "Eggs" and as they were pulling an "Egg" through, the damaged USG Ishimura shocked in, destroying the Nest. The drifting Ishimura hit the Hunter's Moon, damaging its starboard side. Li ordered the remaining ships to chase down the Ishimura and bring it to a halt with gravity tethers.

After catching the Ishimura, the Hunter's Moon landed inside the damaged Shuttle Bay to survey the inside of the ship while the Black Beak stayed outside. As the crew slowly began to find they were trapped in the dangerous knot of evil that lay on the Ishimura they began to die. After Black Beak was taken to the EarthGov Blockade the stranded Magpies tried to survive, but only one did, Schnieder who witnessed the Hunter's Moon being attacked by Necromorphs, so he was forced to escape with the stealth shuttle.

The fate of the Hunter's Moon is unknown; while it was presumably secured by EarthGov with the Ishimura, it is not present when Isaac Clarke returns to the hanger.