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A flamethrower with a hydrazine fuel canister.

Hydrazine Fuel, or Flame Fuel, is the ammunition for the PFM-100 Hydrogen Torch Flamethrower in the Dead Space series.


It is commonly found in small bright red fuel canisters. It can be fired in a continuous stream with the highest ammo consumption of any weapon in Dead Space, or can be fired as an entire fuel canister to act as a makeshift explosive device with incendiary properties, and because of these reasons it is wise to carry large amounts of spare ammo with you at all times while using the flamethrower. Luckily, flame fuel can be held in stacks of 150 and is found in stacks of about 50.


  • In Dead Space, Visceral Games made the mistake of the flamethrower being unusable in vacuums. In real-life, hydrazine fuel can create flames without oxygen. Visceral Games has corrected this mistake in newer Dead Space games.
  • Like most weapons in the Dead Space series, the Flamethrower has its own achievement; Necro Flambé, which is attained by killing 50 Necromorphs with it, for 10 Gamerscore or a bronze Trophy.
  • Like most non-collected ammunition, it emits a slight glow. It is a light yellow-orange color.
  • One oversight is that the Flamethower would have to consume fuel to keep the flame ready for use, so the ammo should decrease as you hold it but does not, as it would discourage holding the weapon when not in use.