Incendiary Grenades
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Throwable Ballistic Explosives

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Incendiary grenades are powerful grenades created by Alejandro Borges along with some Flamethrowers in Dead Space: Aftermath. After being activated, it stalled for a few brief seconds and released a short shockwave along with a burning explosion. It had enough power to tear apart a Necromorph and cause a hull breach in the ship.

The Incendiary Grenade was used in two instances:

  1. It was first used by Nikolas Kuttner in an attempt to kill both the Grabber/Puker-like Necromorph and a female.
  2. It was last used by Captain Caleb Campbell when he attempted to seal the airlock in order for Kuttner, Isabel Cho, Nolan Stross and Borges to continue on to the ShockPoint Drive. After shutting the airlock, he activated the grenade and ran into a large group of Necromorphs, resulting in one last hull breach and the death of both the Captain and the remaining Necromorphs.

List of apperancesEdit


  • It was possible that it was a cut-down version of the Flamethrower's fuel tank.
  • Surprisingly, it was very effective against the Necromorphs, but that could be due to the powerful explosion along with the burning flames.

Compatibility with Modules Edit

By default, the Modules can't be used with Incendiary Grenades. If the Rate of Fire on the Incendiary Grenades is increased, then it will work. The minimum amount listed must be reached. So far any combo of circuits seems to work.

With Mk. II tip: +7 Rate of Fire

Without Mk II tip: +9 Rate of Fire

If it is one below the amount listed, then it will work randomly. If it is 2+ below the amount, then it will never work.

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