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"When your mission is to save the one you love, not even death can stop you."
—Store description

The Infested Suit is a unique suit that can be worn by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space (2023). It is only available through purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade. Like the other Deluxe Edition Suits, it is cosmetic only. It takes the appearance of the Intermediate Engineer RIG, but having undergone Necromorph infection.


  • While the Dead Space franchise has previously depicted Isaac undergoing Necromorph infection, this is the first playable instance. This is also the first depiction of him undergoing full transformation.
  • In scenes where Isaac removes his helmet, his head does not appear, or rather it and his helmet are fused together.
  • Whenever Isaac moves with the Infested suit equipped, the sounds of bones crunching can occasionally be heard.