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The Intermediate Engineer RIG is an exclusive Resource Integration Gear available for Class 4 CEC engineers and is a standard equipment when working in mildly hazardous environments. Compared to the Standard Engineer RIG, the suit has a bulkier appearance due to the amount of armor plating attached which reinforces the helmet, abdomen and leggings as well as a forearm guard for the right arm.


  • In Dead Space (2008), the suit costs 20,000 Credits and the schematic can be found by taking the elevator down to the Captain's Nest in Chapter 4.
  • In Dead Space (2023), the schematic can be found in the EVA Prep Room, which can be found in the Exterior Access corridor after taking the forward elevator up from the Bridge. As in the original, the suit costs 20,000 Credits to buy.
  • In Dead Space (2023), the suit as it appeared in the original game is available for free upon reaching the first Store, known as the DS-08 Legacy RIG.


  • This suit, along with the CEC Engineering Suit introduced in Dead Space 2, became the defacto representation of RIG suits in the franchise.
  • The suit appears frequently in early screenshots of the game as well as in advertisements and marketing productions of the game. Similar to the Advanced Suit from Dead Space 2 and the Arctic Survival Suit from Dead Space 3, the Level 3 Suit appears to act as a symbol of the first Dead Space.
  • In Dead Space: Aftermath, the crew of the USG O'Bannon uses a RIG similar to the Level 3 Suit, but with a grey finish and a folding face cover.
  • The entire RIG could be purchased in the Avatar Marketplace in Xbox LIVE for 480 Microsoft Points (Helmet for 160 Microsoft Points and Abdomen for 320 Microsoft Points). In the PlayStation Home mall, the complete suit could be purchased for $3.98.
  • In Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3, there is a RIG similar to the Level 3 Suit called the CEC Engineering Suit. It is the first suit that Isaac Clarke can purchase in Dead Space 2, and is an unlockable bonus suit in Dead Space 3.
  • This RIG gives 30% damage reduction in the Dismemberment Demo of Dead Space; however, it only confers 10% protection in the final game.
  • This suit is what Isaac Clarke wears in Skate 3 after you input the code "DeadSpaceToo".
  • The helmet of the suit appears in the Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity expansion on the map "Black Friday" on a mannequin in a store called "Store 40". The store also features another unknown RIG suit helmet as well as a Marker statue.
  • The suit can be found in Dead Space 2's game files, though it does not appear in the actual game.