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The Intermediate Miner RIG is an exclusive Resource Integration Gear available for Class 2 miners and is a standard piece of equipment when working in hostile environments or during a hazardous mining operation. Visually, the suit has a bulkier appearance due to the extensive attachments of armor plating and is more heavily armored compared to the Intermediate Engineer RIG. Additionally, the eye slits are narrower to protect against flying debris or other accidents that could occur during the mining process.


  • In the original game, even though it is the Level 4 RIG, it still has three eye slits. The glow collects to make a fourth, vertical line.
  • The suit costs 35,000 Credits and the schematic for the suit can be found in Chapter 7, in the same room where you find the SOS beacon.
  • This is the first of the five regular RIGs to have armor over both shoulders.
  • You can wear this RIG in the PSP version of Army of T.W.O: The 40th Day.