Dead Space Wiki

Type: Video
Characters: Kendra Daniels, Dr. Challus Mercer, USG Ishimura Computer System
Chapter: 5
Can be found: USG Ishimura, Dr. Challus Mercer's Laboratory

  • Kendra Daniels: That's it, Isaac! Now you just need to finish mixing the poison and-

(Screen violently goes to static and switches to Mercer)

  • Dr. Challus Mercer: This has gone far enough! Accept your part in god's plan! Embrace your own extinction!

(Screen switches back to Kendra as a sudden whooshing noise is heard)

  • Female Computer Voice: Warning. Life support system failure on Medical Deck. Please evacuate immediately.
  • Kendra Daniels: Who the hell was that?! Isaac, he's decompressed the entire deck and I'm being locked out of those systems! All the air has been vented into space! You should be able to bring it back online from the Security Station, but you don't have much time!