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"Everyone get some rest. This will all be over tomorrow."
—Captain Suzuki[1]

Captain J. Suzuki was the commanding officer of the CMS Brusilov, a research vessel deployed by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces to Tau Volantis.


In contrast with much of the rest of the fleet, Captain Suzuki actually formed close bonds with the scientists operating under his supervision, including one Dr. Quiroga, who took time to overcome his zero-G sickness. In fact, Quiroga's enthusiasm for the mission and ease with which he would explain the Markers impressed Suzuki.[2]

When the Scenario Five contingency was enacted, Suzuki intended to follow the order through, but gave non-essential crew members time to make peace and settle their affairs.[1] However, the night before the cleanse order could be executed, Dr. Quiroga - driven insane by the Markers - cut holes into the Suzuki's EVA suit and proceeded to sabotage the ship's life support before the Captain and his men could destroy the doctor's research. Suzuki gasped for air as his suit leaked, and he died shortly after, his body being described as a "sleeping puppet" by Dr. Quiroga.[3]