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James Field was Michael Altman's partner and fellow scientist. He was part of the group of scientists that were forcefully hired for the study of the Black Marker found at the Chicxulub crater.


After working on the floating compound on top of the Black Marker's location, the artifact's pulses began to affect Field, causing him to hallucinate. Field was one of the first few scientists to believe that the Marker was a holy relic and also one of the first to believe that Michael Altman was a prophet or messenger of the Marker, as the Marker did not affect Altman like it did with others and did not cause him to go insane. He gathered a group of early Unitologists and guided them to Altman's room, where he declared that Altman was the reluctant prophet of the Marker, something Altman denied before ordering them out of his room.

Upon escaping the research facility after the Necromorph outbreak, Field contacted Altman and assisted him in his escape. Unfortunately, while climbing a ladder in an elevator shaft, Field was decapitated by a Necromorph head similar to the Divider's head.


  • Before the transition of the scientists to the floating research facility, Field worked with Altman at a station in the Gulf of Mexico where they measured and recorded gravity and vibration fluctuations.
  • Field's relationship with Altman was very work based and he did not really count him as his friend. However, after being stationed for a while on the floating research facility, when Field began to believe that the Marker was a holy relic, he began to worship Altman as the Marker's messenger and asked him to tell him and his followers what the Marker wanted of them.
  • Field and his fellow Unitologists all wore a necklace with a handmade Marker-like trinket attached to it shaped like the Black Marker. In times of doubt and fear, they would usually hold the trinket in their palms to feel better. The same type of necklace is seen worn by Samuel Irons in Dead Space: Downfall.