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Jane Gauthier was a security officer aboard the USG Ishimura.[1]


After graduating, Gauthier took a job in Security Management at the CEC's assembly plant. Gauthier's grandparents were known to reside within the populous zones of North Carolina, with her grandfather managing the shuttle convoy while her grandmother cooked for the East Wing cafeteria.[2]

Eventually, Gauthier was temporarily assigned to the Aegis VII Colony from another colony in the role of Search and Rescue, where she participated in a fire emergency. Though her efforts were successful, she lost three of her fingers in the process. Back aboard the Ishimura, Gauthier spent time with a medical technician named George Greggs while waiting for the suitable replacement fingers to be grown for her. It is possible that Gauthier later became involved in a relationship with Greggs, judging from some of the logs and documents that are found around Greggs' lab. However, it appears that she eventually became uncomfortable with such a relationship and intended to end it.[3]

During a final transmission that she sent to Greggs that was intended to break their relationship off, Gauthier suddenly began to scream as something broke into the place that she was recording in, presumably the Necromorphs. The picture suddenly halted.


  • During some chapters in Dead Space (2008), Isaac will hear whispers from the Ishimura's PA system that offer information about her.[2] It is most likely that these are the CECL-RC console's lines from the No Known Survivors alternate-reality-game, repurposed as ambience for the game.