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"This planet is ripe with unusual seismic activity. Protocol says we're required to check it out, so we're checking it out."

Jennifer Barrow was a geologist and surveyor[2] on Aegis VII. She was married to Dig Foreman Colin Barrow.


Little was known about Jennifer Barrow prior to her employment by the CEC on Aegis VII.

The Red Marker[]

Jennifer Barrow was the leader of the dig team on Aegis VII that discovered the Red Marker. She was also the first person to note that Aegis VII was visited by the humans before by noting the presence of the rock scarring that was similar to that was made by an E-34 drilling rig on the planet which apparently was not used since 200 years prior. Shortly after discovering the Marker, Jennifer became ill[3] by likely succumbing to the dementia that spreaded throughout the colony.

The Second Aegis VII Incident[]

Following the planet crack and the ensuing intense electromagnetic surges that rendered the communications impossible, Colin Barrow quickly returned home to see if Jennifer was safe. Instead, he found her in a catatonic state. She covered the interior of the room with Marker-related symbols and she was in the process of cutting her skin with her own fingernails. To her husband's shock and horror, Jennifer Barrow cutted her throat with a Rock Saw, committing suicide.

Despite Jennifer's death, Colin refused to accept or acknowledge it. He transported her body to the shuttle that he arrived in with the intention of taking her to the USG Ishimura. During his take off preparations, an Infector entered the shuttle without his notice. As Colin Barrow crash-landed the shuttle, Jennifer's transformed body attacked and killed him.

Gone by the time that the P.C.S.I. Sec Officers arrived, the Necromorph that was Jennifer Barrow once was seen once more. As it moved through a vent, it passed an opening where a shocked Dr. Terrence Kyne caught sight of it. It stared back and disappeared quickly. This led Dr. Kyne to inform Captain Benjamin Mathius that something was wrong.


  • The Necromorph that Jennifer becomes is unlike any other that was encountered in Dead Space. Other than modifications to her teeth and eyes, there are no major phenotypical alterations that are present due to the infection. Even her neck which was damaged due to her suicide was left unchanged. This could possibly be attributed to the infection that was completely manifesting in her body at the time of her revival. This is a characteristic which was visible in the Necromorph Nicole Brennan at the end of Dead Space. However, this was just a hallucination.
  • The Cornish meaning for Jennifer is "White" with the connotation of "Fair" and "Pure".[4]
  • Despite being transformed via an Infector, there was no visible proboscis entrance wound on her forehead.


"Oh, my God. We've got to call this in."
—Jennifer Barrow[1]
"They want our bodies… This is mine - My flesh, my bone, and my blood."
—Jennifer Barrow[1]
"Hold on, baby. We're going home."
—Colin Barrow[1]



  1. Dead Space: Downfall takes place three years before the events of Dead Space 2.


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