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Jensi Sato was a young man from Vindauga and the brother of Istvan Sato, a key figure during the Red Marker outbreaks in the late 23rd century.[1]


Early life[]

Jensi and Istvan Sato lived in the Mariner Valley compound, the poorest dome of the poor planet of Vindauga. Jensi was the glue of the family, keeping his mother and his brother from teetering over the edge of extreme poverty. Istvan, on the other hand, was a bit freakish, obsessed with numbers and patterns, prone to sudden episodes of rage and paranoia. It was because of this that, when they were older, the two brothers became estranged from their mother. Jensi and Istvan were eventually left to governmental foster care, where they would be separated. Istvan, seeing his chance for freedom, asked Jensi to join him to continue their lives together. Jensi, torn between loyalty and reality, abandoned his brother and joined a new family on Vindauga, leaving his brother in the slums.

Jensi started anew and lived with a nice, quiet family in a middle-class dome on Vindauga. He entered the education system and became an academic success. At school, he became good friends with Henry Wandrei, who became Jensi's first true friend in his life, free from the constraints of his odd brother.

One day, Jensi arrived back home to his foster parents and found Istvan raiding his fridge, hungry and desperate for food. Jensi warned Istvan to leave his house, with Jensi's foster mother threatening to call the police. Hysterical and paranoid, Istvan believed his brother to be his “enemy” for calling the police on his "unloved" brother. He ran out the back door of Jensi's house, scared and worried.

This would be the last time that the two brothers would see each other for the next four years. Jensi would attend a technical college on Vindauga, studying computer programming skills and hacking. He also studied piloting, which he discovered he loved to do. Henry, with his rich family ties, went to a university on Earth, but flunked out and joined the same technical college as Jensi on Vindauga. Jensi eventually got a small apartment and a job as a picker on huge cargo ships, transferring the load from the ship to the surface of the planet.

One day, Jensi found Istvan waiting for him in the middle of his apartment. Jensi, surprised and startled, wondered how Istvan found him, and his brother explained in his mental state that soon he would be on all the news vids and would become “famous” by fulfilling his "purpose". He then left the apartment, giggling like a madman while doing so. Jensi worried about his newfound brother and contacted Henry, wondering about Istvan's plan. Henry noticed that Istvan said he was going to be in all the vids, prompting Jensi to check all the major events happening that week and pick four of them to go to.

While searching for Istvan at a press conference with Councilman Tim Fischer, Jensi finally saw his brother. In his demented state, Istvan rushed towards the stage and shot Tim Fischer in the head. Jensi tried to pull him away but was pushed away as SCAF forces arrived to subdue Istvan and arrest him. Afterward, Jensi went home and tried to find vids of the assassination done by Istvan, trying to piece together what had made his brother commit murder in open daylight, but later gave up and instead tried to locate his brother at every police station on Vindauga, but with no luck. Jensi tried every level of power in the justice system until he met a military general who claimed that Istvan was alive and in custody. Jensi eventually stopped looking for him and, with no other choice, continued living his life.

Journey to Aspera[]

Still feeling guilty for the disappearance of Istvan and after the death of his mother, Jensi received a vid from Henry, who was now a security guard somewhere in the galaxy. Worried and nervous, Henry told Jensi that Istvan was alive and at a penal colony on a barren planet: Aspera. Jensi searched the name Aspera and found an uninhabitable planet near the edge of the galaxy. Desperate to find his long-lost brother, Jensi decided to find Istvan out in the galaxy somewhere.

Jensi discovered a supply ship, the Eibon, that made monthly runs to Aspera to deliver supplies and resources, and began to search its port records. A week later, Jensi quit his job as a picker and broke into the apartment of one of the Eibon's specialists, intending to sedate him before the Eibon left for Aspera and take his place. However, he knocked the man on the head and accidentally killed him, much to his regret. Afterward, the captain of the Eibon hired Jensi to fill the man's former position. Jensi was hired to work for the Eibon, leaving on the exact day for Aspera, getting one step closer to finding his long-lost brother.

After weeks of travel, the Eibon arrived at Aspera and the captain tried to hail the military blockade to land on the planet. A warning was issued over the distress channels, stating the Aspera sector had been quarantined and all ships must not enter. Jensi spotted a SCAF gunship laying down orbital mines around Aspera, and the crew sparked into action, taking evasive action to dodge the mines. Jensi managed to run towards the crew deck before the first mine detonated into the Eibon and quickly put on a Standard Astronaut RIG before the hull was breached, sucking the crew out into space and damaging the artificial gravity. Using his zero-grav boots, he walked along the underside of the ship and along the walls until he reached the last remaining life pods. He climbed in, started the ignition and flew away from the damaged Eibon towards Aspera.

Jensi crashed his pod into the penal colony, ending up in a large chamber. Unbeknownst to him, Aspera was the test site of one of the Sovereign Colonies' Red Markers and a Necromorph outbreak was underway. Upon exiting the pod, Jensi was attacked by an Infector, desperately and furiously trying to infect him before he managed to kill it. A voice on the intercom introduced him to the situation and told him the path towards the security office; arriving there, Jensi was surprised to find his childhood friend Henry. Jensi then learned through Henry that Istvan may be alive at the research station a few miles away from the prison colony. Henry and Jensi grabbed an ATV and traversed the surface of Aspera towards the research station, receiving a pre-recorded warning message to turn around or be destroyed. They continued towards the station regardless until the ATV was struck by a mine.

Jensi grabbed Henry and they both ran for the facility, both of them running out of oxygen. Jensi found an open airlock and ran for it, but his oxygen was finally depleted, becoming lightheaded and hallucinating his dead mother, encouraging his death. Almost dead, Jensi tried to close the airlock to allow air to flow. The airlock refused to close and Jensi passed out with Henry on the floor. His mind slowly began to bleed away towards death, until he awoke, oxygen now flowing through his RIG. Henry had managed to close the airlock and they were finally let in by two female scientists, Doctors Callie Dexter and Anna Tilton. Jensi explained his intentions but Anna told him that Istvan was the reason why the facility was in chaos and infested with Necromorphs. They eventually decided to try to reach Istvan at the Red Marker chamber. Jensi was later contacted by the Unitologist scientist Enoch Briden, who learned from Jensi that Istvan was his brother; Briden simply told him that Istvan belonged to the Marker and was the prophet who would lead mankind into a new existence.

After fighting to the Marker chamber, losing Henry and Anna in the process, Jensi and Dexter found Istvan standing before the large Marker. Jensi rejoiced at the sight of his brother and tried to snap Istvan out of his hypnotizing trance. When Dexter attempted to kill Istvan, Jensi knocked her out. Istvan then attacked Jensi, convinced he was a hallucination and knocking him unconscious. When Jensi came to, Istvan finally recognized him and became relieved to have his brother back in his life. He began to envision himself being the communicator to the Marker, being able to control its power and create a world for himself and Jensi. He rambled on, until Jensi decided he knew what he needed to do: he asked Istvan to grab his gun for him from the ground and sadly told his brother to close his eyes. After Istvan did as he was told, Jensi shot him. He remained beside his dead brother for a while before leaning against the door frame leaving the chamber, finding a huge horde of Necromorphs blocking the exit, surrounding the dead space around the Red Marker, keeping him safe. Slowly dying from internal bleeding, Jensi Sato fell to the ground and tried to aim at the creatures only to find out that the barrel of the gun was in his mouth, with a hallucination of Istvan standing by his side encouraging him to pull the trigger. After some desperate tries to aim at the Necromorphs again obtaining the same result, Jensi closed his eyes and pulled the trigger, erasing any evidence of the Red Marker in his mind.[1]