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"All I'm saying is, how come we get this shitty job?"

Jerry was a member of the Aegis VII Colony and a co-worker of Natalia Deshyanov.


Jerry was part of the technical staff of the Aegis VII Colony, along with his co-worker Natalia. In 2508, the two were carrying out a repair job on an oxygen filter when they had communication problems, causing Jerry to activate the system prematurely and nearly cause the death of Natalia, who was able to escape by jamming the door with her toolbox.

Due to the damage caused to the door, Hanford Carthusia punished them by assigning them to the construction of a tram line between the colony and Marker 3A's excavation site. Jerry complained about the "shitty job" they were given, and was surprised to see Natalia's bizarre mental changes as she quickly became infatuated with the Marker.

The next day, Jerry complained to Natalia about Carthusia's orders to have the Marker's protection assigned to them instead of P-Sec, but quickly noticed her big change as she began to become obsessed with the Marker. Afterwards, Deakin Abbott and a group of Unitologists arrived wanting to touch the Marker, but Jerry reminded them that no one could do so. A few minutes later, Dr. Tom Sciarello and P-Sec Sergeant Abraham Neumann arrived, who had problems with the Unitologists due to the presence of Neumann's co-worker Vera Cortez among them; Jerry asked them to leave before there was any trouble.

Some time later, a video of the Marker circulated throughout the colony against Carthusia's orders. Jerry and Natalia were still guarding the Marker when a group of men arrived to arrest them on suspicion of having made the recording, causing Natalia to point her Plasma Cutter at one of them and shoot him without warning, which surprised Jerry. Surrounded by several Plasma Cutters, Natalia started to freak out, ranting that she had to protect the Marker from "them", but Jerry managed to calm her down by telling her that the men were only going to protect it like they had been doing. After the situation calmed down, Natalia was knocked out and the two were taken back to the Colony.

It is unknown what happened to Jerry after the incident, but due to the Necromorph outbreak after the planet crack, he was most likely killed by a mad colonist or one of the creatures.