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"Because that’s where people will expect us to be, where people will come when they’re injured!"
—Welland to Tom Sciarello.

Jonn Welland was a clinical psychiatrist on the Aegis VII Colony.[1]


Along with a fellow physician named Tom Sciarello, Dr. Welland futilely attempted to treat the colonists' numerous psychological problems caused by Marker 3A. When his own prognostic analysis proved fruitless, Dr. Welland transferred an affected colonist, Brant Harris, to the USG Ishimura for study at the request of Dr. Terrence Kyne.

During the pandemonium following Planet Crack, Welland and Sciarello went to the colony's medical lab to prepare it to receive the wounded. The two doctors engaged in a heated discussion over medical ethics, particularly their roles as physicians in the crisis, before stumbling across the dormant Necromorphs in the morgue. Welland was presumably killed shortly thereafter.


  • The Dead Space comics as well as an audio log found in Chapter 2Colonist Problems detailed Welland's supporting role in the storyline.
  • John was present at Katie Evans' funeral, apologizing to the crowd after Tom's eulogy was cut short by a hallucination of Katie.
  • Welland shares traits with Perry, both being extremely devoted to their medical jobs during a Necromorph outbreak, eventually ending up dead due to it.