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"This is Kaleb, from shift 1. We lost."
—Kaleb's last recorded words.[1]

Kaleb was a Xenogeologist in Shift 1 alongside Ellie Langford on the Sprawl.[2] One of the last survivors of the C.E.C. work crew, he held off the Necromorphs to allow Ellie to escape.


Outbreak on the Sprawl[]

When the Necromorph outbreak reached the C.E.C. Facilities, all shifts are currently on duty. Kaleb and his team are attacked, losing 3 of their crew while the attempts to contact Shift 4 are unsuccessful. Kaleb was eventually contacted by Sorenson whose shift was under attack by the reanimated corpses of Shift 4. Both teams made their escape with Sorenson's shift shortly behind, following his path by tracking Ellie's RIG.

Sometime later, Kaleb and Ellie are the last remaining survivors of the groups. As what was once their crew, now reanimated into Necromorhps, closed in on their location, an injured Kaleb allowed Ellie to escape by holding off the Necromorphs with his Line Gun. Using it to create a timed mine, he ended his final recording uttering "We lost". He was killed by a timed mine from the Line Gun in a storage room, taking several Necromorphs with him.[1]


The death of Kaleb traumatized Ellie, leaving her suffering from survivor guilt. She is aggressive toward Isaac Clarke at first because of this, avoiding other people as a liability, even if this hampers her chances of survival.

Eventually, Isaac and Ellie have to venture through the CEC Facility looking for transportation, and Isaac will come across Kaleb's remains in a room with Stalkers and Cysts, Pulse Rounds can be found near his corpse.