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"Katie saved my life. If she hadn't called P-Sec, I'd be lying in the morgue right now, and she'd be up here telling everyone I was a workaholic. I'd gladly make that exchange."
Dr. Sciarello's speech about Katie after her death.[1]

Katie Evans was a nurse and the personal assistant of Doctor Tom Sciarello.[2] She worked on the Aegis VII Colony.


Katie worked as Dr. Sciarello's assistant for five years.[1]

Aegis VII[]

When Brant Harris, suffering from insomnia and likely dementia, assaulted Dr. Sciarello after hours and held him hostage, Katie notified P-Sec immediately. Despite the dangerous circumstances, she remained at her station until the officers arrived to deal with Harris. Shortly after, they started trying to talk to the deranged miner. However, he opened fire with his line cutter, missing the officers but striking Katie, effectively cutting her in half.[2][3]


Katie reappeared later as a hallucination to Dr. Sciarello, pleading for him to protect the Marker. Her body was placed in the morgue where it awaited transport to be brought onto the USG Ishimura.[1] During the blackout following the planet crack and the start of the Necromorph infestation of the colony, she appeared once more to Tom as he searched for the backup generators, telling him that it was too late for all of them.[4]