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Kelly Hu

Kelly Hu (born February 13, 1968) is an American actress who provides the voice for Shen in Dead Space: Downfall.


Kelly Hu was born on February 13, 1968 in Honolulu, Hawaii.


  • Kelly Hu, Jesse Head, and Sonita Henry have all guest starred in NCIS.
  • Kelly, Jesse, and Keith Szarabajka have all had roles in Numb3ers.
  • Hu and Tanya Clarke appeared in the same season of NCIS: Los Angeles. One may find it interesting to note that Hu appeared in the episode titled "Killshot", and Clarke appeared in the episode "Random on Purpose". In the games, Clarke's character, Nicole Brennan, killed herself with a deadly shot from a hypodermic needle. Ironically, one may categorize these events as being "random on purpose".
  • Kelly Hu and Kari Wahlgren are co-stars in the video game Afro Samurai, and the 2011 season of the animated series Phineas and Ferb.
  • Hu, Gwendoline Yeo, and Sunil Malhotra all voiced characters in the animated film Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.
  • Hu, Peter Mensah (who voiced Zach Hammond) and the games' composer Jason Graves were part of the Friday the 13th film series franchise, with the former two by playing ill-fated characters, much like their characters in the Dead Space franchise, in their earliest roles. Hu played strangled high school student Eva Watanabe in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, while Mensah played Sgt. Brodski in the future space-themed Jason X.  It also should be an interesting note that Mensah's character Brodski was also an elite security officer in deep space who sacrificed himself to allow the main protagonist(s) to survive much like Hammond. After his musical work on the Dead Space franchise, Graves himself would later compose additional music for Friday the 13th: The Game based on the films.


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