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Keyhole Station was a space station located in the Carina Nebula. Governed by EarthGov, Keyhole station was a major Marker research facility home to over four hundred military and technical personnel. It was the former home of Damara and John Carver.[1]


Dead Space: Liberation[]

When Ellie Langford, Robert Norton and John Carver arrived at the station in 2514, the interior was overrun by advanced stages of the Corruption and the environment was deserted, suggesting the Marker on board had started an outbreak some time prior.

Norton and the others were attacked by Necromorphs and forced further into the station. Norton and Carver were then separated from Ellie during a surprise attack from Jacob Arthur Danik's ship when the hull of the station was compromised. The hull breach triggered the emergency seals and trapped Ellie on the other side.

During their separation, Ellie met Jennifer Santos and Austin Buckell; the technician and Marker Operative helped her through the station back to the hangar deck while Norton and Carver reached the control room on the bridge. On the bridge, Norton helped Ellie, Santos and Buckell escape in their Sub-Light Flyer when he used the station armament to attack Danik's ship. He then activated the station's ShockRing, allowing Ellie to escape and head for Tau Volantis. After they destroyed the ShockRing, Norton and Carver moved to escape the damaged station as it began to crumble around them. They boarded the USM Eudora as the station was destroyed in an explosion.[1]