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Kinner Phelps was the head researcher behind Project Telomere and one of the main responsibles for the creation of the Site 12 Marker. He left numerous recordings around the Government Sector detailing his progress before the Necromorph outbreak broke out in Titan Station.


Kinner Phelps was one of the researchers who accompanied Patient Four's sessions with the NoonTech Diagnostic Machine and was intriged by the Marker Symbols ordered as algorithms in the Patient's brain readings.[1] His team soon succeded into creating blueprints to build a new Marker from layers of mineral baths and even celebrated with a party.[2]

Despite Kinner using suppressors to prevent Dementia, he slowly began to obsess over the Marker's construction like if he was being "possessed" by an external force, presumably the Brethren Moons. He blacked out during the celebration party, and when he woke up, he found out that he had even involuntarily build a crystal miniature of the Marker.[3]

Eventually, he revolted against the project knowing that all of his personnel were being manipulated. When he was recording a log pleading for the destruction of the artifact, he suspiciously realised his supervisor was whispering to the security guard. Presumably, Kinner was executed immediatelly as he had become a loose end for EarthGov.[4] It seems that he was replaced by another researcher named Bonnie Worthington, who took the project from then on.[5]