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Lana was a member of the USG O'Bannon's crew and a devout Unitologist.

Events of Dead Space: Aftermath[]

Lana, Lieutenant Marcus and Alejandro Borges are the only surviving crew members by the time the Necromorph outbreak on the O'Bannon reached the ship's engine room. They escaped into Nolan Stross' lab where Borges started to make improvised weaponry. They also met up with Nikolas Kuttner, Isabel Cho, Nolan Stross and Captain Caleb Campbell there.

When the group headed to the Engine Room to destroy the shard of the Red Marker being kept there, they encountered a large Necromorph Brute which forced them to flee. As they fled, Lana noticed her roommate, Jenny who was ignoring Cho's warning about getting too close to the Necromorph. As Lana got close enough, "Jenny" revealed that she was turned into a Grabber and spat acid into Lana's face. The skin on Lana's face was dissolved, but despite her horrific injuries, she survived the attack. She later died due to a grenade blast.