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"Let go you son of a bitch! Caleb, get them out of here, there’s so many of them!"
—Leslie last words as she is pulled towards the necromorphs.

Leslie Pallas was an officer on board the USG O'Bannon.

Events of Dead Space: Aftermath[]

Officer Pallas was one of the security officers with Captain Caleb Campbell during the Necromorph outbreak on the ship. They lost one of their numbers as they met up with Isabel Cho, Nikolas Kuttner and Nolan Stross.

Pallas died shortly after Kuttner had a hallucination of his daughter heading into the vents. Described as a "good officer and a good friend", she was watching their backs as Captain Campbell and the others climbed into the vent, but as she entered the vents, a Necromorph grabbed her leg and pulled her out leading to her demise by the hands of the Necromorphs. She was assumed to be the penultimate crew member to die, before Caleb.