Type: Text
Characters: A. Dallas
Chapter: 4
Can be found: USG Ishimura; Captain's Nest


The death toll is mounting. Known dead so far:

Arnold-Fernandez, D

Ashik, M

Bagwell, W

Bao, A

Baristiran, O

Briggs, R

Carrillo, R

Centkowski, K

Chan, D

Charlow, A

Chikes, C

Colomar, B

Condrey, M

Deguzman, J

Ding, V

Drinkward, C

Eckert, J

Espeleta, T

Fattouh, S

Feise, D

Felker, T

Fike, T

Fong, C

Fuentes, C

Gamel, S

Gaugy, M

Geraci, J

Gregory, L

Guaman, E

Hartness, E

Hasan, J

Holt, T

Ignacio, D

Jamerson, K

Johnson, M

Keum, J

Kong, C

Krakowski, M

Kuo, D

Lackey, A

Leal, D

Lee, L

Leong, J

Lingen, D

Louie, C

Louie, M

McSweeney, B

Meneses, F

Merenda, R

Molina, E

Natividad, J

Noonan, M

Palrang, J

Patel, J

Patterson, I

Pavey, E

Peterson, M

Pitts, R

Piwenitzky, H

Pugh, D

Ruelas, A

Sarossy, V

Schlegel, P

Schofield, G

Scott, D

Seo, A

Shande, T

Silver, S

Swearlingen, S

Swenson, D

Talens, J

Thibodeaux, N

Thoeun, C

Tuohy, J

Valedez, G

Vaught, C

Vocal, C

Voelker, S

Wells, J

Williams, N

Wrede, R

Zelaya, A

Zittle, K

About Edit

  • Most of the names present on this list are the actual names of the designers of the game.
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