During the events of the Dead Space series, the protagonists had many brief and often disturbing hallucinations. They are the results of direct manipulations of the brain-nerves by the energy that was emanated either by the Markers or the Brethren Moons. The energy was completely invisible to the Human eye and only the Marker containment units could block any and all Marker signals.

They are mainly for disrupting and manipulating the Humans and presumably the other species that are consumed to "help" the cause gain more biomass or new Brethren Moons.

The hallucinations sent by the Titan Marker & especially the Brethren Moons are much stronger as the victims even suffered from direct wounds and even died.

Dead Space ExtractionEdit

Lexine's WarningEdit

Early in Chapter 1 as Sam Caldwell descended to fix Gravity Tether 16, he heard a warning from Lexine after he broke the first security line. She said, "Turn back, Sam! Do not go any further." Sam called her name out in confusion as Lexine was nowhere near his location.

Monstrous MinersEdit


In Chapter 1, Sam Caldwell started to see his fellow miners as monsters.

Marker SymbolsEdit


During the various intervals of the game, Sam Caldwell, Nathan McNeill, Catherine Howell and Gabe Weller experienced the debilitating flashes that may sometimes show the Marker Symbols instead of the Human text on the doors, in dark environments, devastated rooms or ventilation systems.

Egan's GhostEdit

In Chapter 1, after restoring the oxygen levels to the Colony, Sam Caldwell received a transmission from Lexine congratulating him for fixing the colony's life support. However, during the communication, Lexine was replaced by Egan who asked Sam why he killed him.

Egan was also seen later on in the game.[1] After the encounter with Nicole, during the spacewalk, if you turn left, you saw Egan's dead body, floating. The camera zoomed on his face and became that of a Necromorph. It was unlikely that this was actually his body and Egan's face on the body was likely also a hallucination.

Nightmare MorgueEdit

In Chapter 5, while McNeill was waiting for the other survivors to meet him in the Morgue, he saw a transparent skull appear for a second, alarming him and causing him to quickly remove his helmet. Immediately afterward, he glimpsed the body of Captain Mathius sitting up on the Morgue's table. However, he was lying dead again when McNeill quickly turned for a look.

Invisible FanEdit

In Chapter 6, McNeill was stopped by Weller from walking into a fan that he hallucinated as an open tunnel.

Imaginary NecromorphsEdit

Throughout the game, various people saw the Necromorphs which are not there or other people as Necromorphs. In Chapter 8, Weller saw Warren Eckhardt as a Slasher.

Necromorph captainEdit

In Chapter 9, when McNeill entered the Captain's Nest of the Bridge, he saw Captain Mathius' corpse on the control table. As he moved closer to inspect it, it suddenly turned it's head toward him with what appeared to be the medical needle sticking out from his eye.

Imaginary PassengersEdit

At one point, McNeill was at a tram station, waiting for the others when he saw a group of people sitting on the benches. Suddenly, they all turned their heads and stared at him in an angry manner. McNeill turned away for a brief moment, but when he looked again, one of them lunged at him, screaming. Then, all the passengers vanished in a flash.[2]

Necromorph LexineEdit

On his way to deactivate the Asteroid Defense System to escape from the Ishimura safely, McNeill searched a supply room and found Lexine sitting in a corner, crying. McNeill approached in confusion. Lexine suddenly lunged at him with the face of a Necromorph and vanished.

Dead SpaceEdit


Several times throughout Dead Space, strange whispering was heard. Because of the low volume and the numerous voices talking, it was nearly impossible to understand what they are saying. Sometimes, a voice might mention the ship's systems, the Marker or even call out to Isaac.

Vanishing ManEdit

Prop39(Make us whole again)

The Vanishing Man appeared in Chapter 4 in a room immediately after Isaac got off an elevator. The door across the room opened and a bloody man said, "Make us whole again" before walking back behind the door and vanishing where an Enhanced Slasher and a Pregnant are lurking. You could not chase after him since there was an invisible barrier at the doorway until the Vanishing Man left the game.

He resembled a battered Chen. While this may have been a real survivor, it is most likely a hallucination. The color scheme of the corridor even changes until the man leaves, giving a surreal tone to the environment.

Marker SymbolsEdit

As Isaac progressed throughout the USG Ishimura, the influence of the Marker became more visible. One of the signs are the monitors that are showing the Marker Symbols.

Nicole on the MonitorsEdit

Three times during the game, Isaac saw a glimpse of Nicole on the computer monitors. Each time, she whispered "Isaac, make us whole again." While on the USM Valor, one saw Nicole's face turning into a skull.

Audio logs from NicoleEdit

At some points of the game, an audio log from Nicole was heard. She asked Isaac "Where are you?" and begged for help. During these audio logs, the audio "crackles" are heard.

Nicole in personEdit

Nicole first appeared in person to Isaac in Chapter 7. Isaac defended her against the Necromorphs from a distance while she unlocked the storage room containing the S.O.S. beacon. She later reappeared in Chapter 11 after Kendra left with the Marker. Isaac met her in Flight Control and followed her instructions to recall the shuttle. They took the shuttle down to the planet where Nicole told Isaac to return the Marker to the pedestal. She appeared by thanking Isaac after he placed the Marker on the pedestal.

Video from NicoleEdit

Toward the end of Dead Space, after Kendra killed Dr. Kyne and stole the shuttle, Isaac got a video log from Nicole. She requested Isaac to help her retrieve the shuttle and bring the Red Marker back to Aegis VII.

Nicole in the shuttleEdit


At the very end of the game, a ghostly vision of Nicole was seen looking similar to the one from Dead Space 2, except without the glowing mouth and eyes. She appeared after Isaac looked to his right and saw her. She screamed in Isaac's face with the Marker Symbols flashing around her and him before the screen faded her. After she was done screaming at Isaac, the credits started to roll.

Dead Space (Mobile)Edit

Nightmarish Node RoomEdit

At the start of Chapter 2, if Vandal immediately went left and entered the game's first Power Node Room (Assuming that she had at least one Power Node), she found several chests with items inside. Opening the chest at the far end of the room revealed a Power Node. Once Vandal took the Node and walked away, the room went into quarantine. The limbs are scattered on the floor and the graffiti was covering every wall. The hallucination lasted for several seconds. After it ended, Vandal shook her head and looked around.

Mirror ImageEdit

Midway through Chapter 2, Vandal entered a room to retrieve the Stasis Module. There was a wall with windows in it situated in the middle of the room. Vandal had to walk around this wall to reach the Stasis Module. However, if Vandal actually looked through the glass, a doppelganger of Vandal could be seen on the other side of the room. The doppelganger could not be interacted with as it was only possible to see it through the glass and if Vandal attempted to go around the wall, the doppelganger was visible on the side of the room that she just left through the glass.

Trapped Room with the NecromorphsEdit

Toward the end of Chapter 2, Vandal entered a bloodstained room with the corpses of several Slashers. A Guardian was also heard wailing although it could not be physically seen. After defeating the three Slashers that are only feigning death, Vandal was transported back to the previous corridor and shook her head in confusion. Despite entering the same corridor, Vandal ended up in a different room with no visible bodies and no evidence of the Guardian, suggesting that the first room was a hallucination.

Dead Bodies and NecromorphsEdit

Early in Chapter 3, when Vandal explored a room, the lights dimmed for a second. When they came back on, the room was filled with dead bodies and blood on the walls. The lights dimmed again and the room returned to normal. The same thing happened in the following room except that a Slasher and two Lurkers appeared and disappeared. Vandal comments, "Tyler, I am seeing shit. That was not real."

Vandal as a SlasherEdit

IPod-1 036

In Chapter 4, when Vandal entered a rocky tunnel, the lights flickered. Every time that the lights flickered on, Vandal alternated between herself and a Slasher until the lights stayed on and she remained a Slasher. (The texture or how the Slasher looked changed between wearing a RIG and not wearing a RIG sometimes changed). Further down the tunnel, the process repeated returning Vandal to normal. Vandal questioned, "What the fuck was going on?".[note 1]



In Chapter 5, Vandal heard something and yelled out, "Hey. Who was down here?". Turning around a corner, she came across a figure that looked exactly like her and moved the same way that she did. When Vandal got close to the reflection, it turned into a Slasher and grabbed her. This also occurred in Chapter 8.

Necromorph FaceEdit

Dsmobile watre processing necroface

In Chapter 6, after Vandal entered a long tubular hallway, the field of view began to enlarge. Suddenly, the face of an unknown Necromorph type, presumably a Slasher began to slowly fade into the screen and faded out. As the player was most likely disoriented and scared by this hallucination, a Pregnant jumped in from a nearby vent on front of Vandal.

This was Not the WayEdit

In Chapter 8, Vandal entered a small collection of rooms that all led back to the first room. Blindly walking through the rooms without any sense of direction only led Vandal back to the first room unless she followed a trail of blood from a corpse found in the first room. If the player did so, the Necromorph face that appeared in the corridor in Chapter 6 faded into the screen again, presumably as a warning of the hallucination.

The door signs also inexplicably changed to read "This was not the way", although this was likely to confuse Vandal and only by following the blood trail through the rooms, she could escape from the area. Interestingly, Vandal did not seem to notice that this was a hallucination or at least did not react to it.

Brutish HallucinationEdit


In Chapter 11, when Vandal entered a room with 2 Power Nodes, the lights went out and when the lights came back on, a Brute appeared before her and attacked. But, the lights went out again and when the lights came back on, the Brute was gone. Vandal said, "I am losing it."

Marker in the DesertEdit

In Chapter 11, Vandal encountered this hallucination twice. The first time was as she went through a hallway heading to an exterior route to the Reactor Core. But, instead of seeing a hallway, she saw a Marker in a vast desert. She commented on this, "I did not know what was real anymore." Eventually, as she moved closer to the Marker, a woman was heard sobbing and an image of a Necromorph face appeared on the screen.

The next time that it was encountered was still in Chapter 11. When Vandal defeated a Brute, she had to confront her fears. At first, it seemed like several Brutes broke into the room. The game broke the fourth wall and made it appear like the battery power of the device that the game was playing on was low and the screen went black.

Initially, the screen blacked out and came back gray and was covered in bloody graffiti. When Vandal seemed to regain consciousness, she saw a door in the desert and the Marker was behind her. While behind the door, there was a console. Once it was activated, the screen blacked out for a second and came back.

Now, there was a bloody trail leading to the console in front of the Marker. Once the console was activated, the screen blacked out again and it seemed as if the hallucination was over. However, the long dark hallway that Vandal went through as she progressed was initially empty and filled with corpses and filled with corpses along with a reddish mist.

At the end of the hallway, she saw another console. Once it was activated, Vandal was back in the desert in front of the Marker. She also heard the crazed laughter of a woman. When she turned around, she saw a figure resembling herself beside the door. Once Vandal attacked this figure, a scream was heard as Vandal said, "Get out of my head!" and Vandal returned to the room where she fought the Brute.

Dead Space 2Edit

Nicole During QuestioningEdit

Nicole Hallucination

As Isaac was questioned by Foster Edgars, he had visions of Nicole, his time on the USG Ishimura and the Marker. During his vision of the Marker, there was a shadowy figure standing at it's base. As the figure got closer, it walked up to the table that Isaac was sitting at, revealing it to be a bloodied version of Nicole. She climbed on top of the table as Edgars continued his questioning, unaware about her presence. She whispered, "Make us whole." as her eye sockets and mouth glowed orange. She shouted, "Make us whole!" before the screen went white.

Necromorph ShadowsEdit

This was the second hallucination that Isaac had in Chapter 1. After Isaac passed by a shower room, the typical dementia effect began to affect the screen with a shadowy figure of a Slasher appearing on front of the player with Nicole saying Isaac's name. 

Nicole: Isaac. 

Nicole in the ElevatorEdit

Chapter 1 hospital

In Chapter 1, you encountered Nicole during an elevator ride to Patient Care in the Titan Memorial Medical Center. The lights on the elevator flickered and died, leaving only the light from the holoscreen. After a short while, Isaac looked to the left corner of the elevator and saw Nicole singing a verse from the lullaby from Dead Space, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before yelling "Make us whole." She promptly disappeared and the environment returned to normal.

Nicole In the Tram StationEdit


At the end of Chapter 2, you came to a tram station. While walking through a hallway to the terminal, the environment tinted brown and all of the screens around you flashed on with an ominous blue face with dark eyes. The screens also showed equations and Marker Symbols and you began to hear Nicole's voices. When you walked up into the terminal, Nicole was sitting on the back of a bench. She looked at you, screamed and the hallucination ended when a flaming tram sped past.

Nearby whispersEdit

When Isaac reaches the Cassini Towers, whispers can be heard on the apartment corridors as part of the ambience. The log Sally 3 strongly implies that the dwellers of the Cassini Towers were aware of the upcoming Necromorph outbreak, and being Unitologists, they all prepared rituals to commit suicide. Thus, these whispers are most likely hallucinations.

Nicole in a Child's roomEdit


In Chapter 3, you entered a Unitologist's apartment in the Cassini Towers. Once Isaac entered what seemed to be a child's room, the screen flashed and Nicole was sitting on the bed. A spinning lamp on the ceiling that projected the silhouettes of horses running around the room changed to that of the bloody skulls and Markers while Nicole was present. After a brief exchange, she disappeared, leaving Isaac alone in the room.

Nicole: I am afraid, Isaac. I did not want to die. But, it was the only way out.
Isaac: You are not Nicole! Nicole was dead! You are not really here.

Nicole on the ScreensEdit


In the Church of Unitology in Chapter 4, Nicole appeared on the screens of the Observation Center on the moment that Isaac entered. After a threat, she disappeared.

Nicole: I am so cold, Isaac. It hurted. Where are you going? You could not run from the pain forever. Soon, you would beg for a way to end it.

Nicole with a needleEdit


Again in Chapter 4, after Isaac got out of a vent that he was crawling through, a QTE triggered where Nicole suddenly attacked Isaac with a medical needle, attempting to stab him in the eye while saying "Make us whole". If failed, Nicole jabbed the needle into Isaac's right eye, killing him. He fell back with Nicole hovering over his corpse.[3] If successful, Nicole disappeared, revealing that Isaac was actually trying to stab himself. Confused, he dropped the needle and stared at his hands in disbelief.


When you left your first Zero Gravity area, the power shutted off. When you placed the Power Cell into the electrical socket, the power turned back on and you needed to call an elevator. When you got in the elevator, you heard a voice whispering: "Isaac." Where the voice came from was unknown, but it was most likely caused by Isaac Clarke's dementia. You heard this many times in the game and also on the Single Player screen of the main menu.

Screaming CorpsesEdit

In Chapter 5, while Isaac was walking through a Cryogenic Morgue in the Church of Unitology, the area suddenly turned brown with the screen shaking to have several decomposed corpses in their now shattered cryo-tubes screaming violently. If a player shot these corpses, the blood splattered. The scene reverted to show that the cryo-tubes are still sealed, opaque and the atmosphere returned to it's proper white-blue composition.

Church Storage roomsEdit

Chapter 5 storage

After the room with the legless Stalker, you entered a room with a Marker statue sitting in the middle of it. On the other side was an elevator which took you to the top of the Church, but not before another hallucination. Nicole talked to Isaac about the earlier suicidal attempt with the needle while the screen tinted red and everything wobbled back and forth.

Nicole: What was happening to you, Isaac? You tried to kill yourself. Why do you think that was? That was right. Ignore the pain. Bury it deep inside. Let me fester. Let me rot.


Corridor freakout DS2

When Isaac arrived at the school entrance, he stumbled and clutched his head while the bloody lockers opened and slammed violently.

Nicole's PlayroomEdit

When Isaac reached the Playroom, he encountered another hallucination that involved Nicole speaking to him about how she was not real. She was only a figment of his imagination. This was the first time that Nicole and Isaac actively held a conversation.

Nicole: Still in denial? Afraid that you are going to cut your wrists if you listen to me?
Isaac: I am not listening to this. You may fool Stross, but I knew that you are not real.
Nicole: Oh. You claimed that I am not real and yet here I am.
Isaac: You are just a hallucination! Stross knew how to destroy you! He knew how to destroy the Marker. We would destroy you!
Nicole: How convenient. Destroy the Marker and let all of the hurt and pain go away. Imagine it, Isaac. You would never have to listen to your heart.

Nicole screamed at Isaac and disappeared. The room returned to normal.

Nicole Solar Array EncounterEdit


As Isaac headed up to align the Solar Array in Chapter 7, he encountered Nicole's bloody apparition who was sitting on the ejection seat. She disappeared shortly after.

Nicole: How do you do it? How do you hold it inside with your face never betraying your pain? No one would ever know the guilt that you felt and never know the dark thoughts that you kept.

CEC lobbyEdit

Chapter 8 CEC lobby

Another fit happened when Isaac entered the CEC Facility from the Transport Hub. He clutched his head and stumbled for a moment as the voices began to whisper.

CEC records roomEdit

Chapter 8 CEC

During Chapter 8, Nicole appeared in the CEC Facility's record room. She threatened Isaac from the top of a server in the corner of the room. The screens next to her flickered, showing various objects.

Nicole: The cracks are showing, Isaac and the memories are seeping in. And when they do, I would be waiting for you.

CEC Fuel Core catwalks #1Edit

Chapter 8 CEC fuel core 1

There are 3 catwalks that Isaac heard Nicole speaking to him, most likely in an attempt to make Isaac feel guilty about himself.

Nicole: We only had two years. Isaac. Two years, but they are the best years of my life. I was happy. I had everything that I wanted until you made me doubt myself.

CEC Fuel Core catwalks #2Edit

Chapter 8 CEC fuel core 2

Nicole: Why would I choose the Ishimura over you? You said that I would regret passing the chance up and the choice would haunt me forever. It was as if you wanted me to leave.

CEC Fuel Core catwalks #3Edit

Chapter 8 CEC fuel core 3

Nicole: And when you received my final transmission, you could not bear to watch the end, could you? You knew what happened, but you went looking for me anyway. You knew deep down that all of what you would find was death.

Nicole on the TramEdit

Chapter 8 CEC fuel core 4

During Chapter 9, while making his way through a maintenance area to repair a tram, Isaac constantly heard incomprehensible talking over the static of his radio. After fixing the tram and using it, he had another hallucination of Nicole walking toward him, prompting him to yell and scream at the hallucination that she was not Nicole and for it to get out of his head. Nicole disappeared after that. Isaac began to show just how much that the hallucinations are affecting him. He yelled and spat in frustration and grief.

Nicole: Why did you come looking for me if you knew that I was dead, Isaac? Did you think that I would forgive you?
Isaac: Get out of my head! You are not Nicole!
Nicole: Then, who am I, Isaac?

Nicole at the Flight DeckEdit

Chapter 10 flight deck

Early in Chapter 10, Nicole whispered:

Nicole: You could pretend not to be bothered, but being here rattled you, did not it Isaac? All of this plastic and tape covering the scars and trying to hide the blood and the bodies so no one would ever know. But, you remembered what happened. No matter how deeply that you tried to bury it.

Voices of the deadEdit

Chapter 10 flight deck2

Inside Tram Control, one found a malfunctioning computer. Several different recordings are heard through the static that are commenting on the inability to sleep, panic, supply hoarding, the situation on the Colony and the arrival of the Red Marker on the Ishimura. The audio log that was found on the Bridge stated that all of the records are deleted since they contradicted the official cover story.

Drag Tentacle FlashbackEdit


After restarting the USG Ishimura's Gravity Centrifuge. Isaac re-encountered the first Drag Tentacle in the Engineering hallway. It appeared in the same manner as it did on the original Dead Space, but disappeared soon after latching on to Isaac's leg, leaving Isaac still standing and grasping his head in pain.

Medical Deck tram stationEdit

When Isaac arrived at the Medical Deck, he heard Nicole speaking to him.

Chapter 10 medical deck1

Nicole: The Ishimura's Medical Deck. Isaac. These are my last hours. Frightened, cold and alone. Well, go on. Isaac. Do not be shy.

Nicole Suicide FlashbackEdit

Chapter 10 suicide

While making his way through the Medical Deck of the Ishimura, Isaac arrived at the room where the Hunter was created. He had a flashback of the later parts of Nicole's transmission on the screens from the desk, showing her suicide. Toward the end of the recording, the screen suddenly flashed, showing Nicole's horribly deformed face moaning and screaming at Isaac.

Medical Deck lobbyEdit

Chapter 10 lobby

Nicole: You never found my body and never said goodbye. Was I just stacked in the Morgue with the others? Another random casualty? Or did they turn me into one of them? Wearing my bloodied face and stalking the halls looking for more victims.

Medical Deck tram wayEdit

Chapter 10 tramways

Nicole: The barrier between us was wearing thin, Isaac. Behind every tarp and a memory. Behind every door of the passage of time from my life to when I died.
Isaac: You are not going to break me.
Nicole: Why do you keep insisting that these unpleasant memories are somehow my fault? This was not about the Marker, Isaac. This was about you.

Brute FlashbackEdit

Chapter 10 brute

As Isaac made his way through the room before the Bridge, he had another flashback. This time, Isaac was at the Atrium window where the Brute smashed it's fist through the window. Curiously, it did not happen in the same manner as it did in Dead Space because in the first game, the Brute's face/head smashed through immediately after it's fist punched through, but in the flashback, it was only the Brute's fist that punched through.

Voices singingEdit

On the Bridge of the USG Ishimura, at the room with the escape pods outside the Captain's Nest, two voices can be heard faintly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It can best be heard by standing on or near the elevator platform.

Nicole on the BridgeEdit


Near the end of Chapter 10, after using the gravity tethers to realign the tram lines leading to the Government Sector, Isaac headed to the escape pod. However, Nicole suddenly appeared in front of it, blocking Isaac's escape. Nicole eventually vanished, allowing Isaac to board the escape pod.

Nicole: Where are you going, Isaac? Do you still think that I am something that you could avoid?
Isaac: I did not know. I did not know what you are, okay?

Titan Mines EntranceEdit


After crashing the escape pod and blacking out, Isaac saw a memory of Nicole, telling him about her assignment to the Ishimura. It focused on the words, "You made me stick with it". The hallucination of Nicole screamed "You made me die!" and vanished.

Nicole in the MinesEdit

Chapter 11 nicole mines
This happened shortly after Isaac killed Stross after he tried to stab Isaac in the eye in the same manner as he did to Ellie.

Nicole: It was a shame that happened to Stross. That was what happened when you fought it.
Isaac: Shut up! Just shut up! The Marker. It was you. You made him do it! You made me kill him, did not you?
Nicole: How was it that you still have not come to terms with who I am? Who am I, Isaac? I would only ask you one more time before the end. Be ready.

Nicole chokes IsaacEdit

One of Isaac's hallucinations had Nicole grabbing Isaac by his neck and a quick-time event was started. Nicole asked Isaac if she was important to Isaac because of love or guilt.

Nicole: Moment of truth, Isaac! Who am I? Am I your friend? Your lover? The one shred; one light; one bright, shining star that you clung to in this Universe? Or am I your guilt? Crushing the life out of you because you could not get over the fact that I am dead? That you felt responsible? Who am I? Why do you keep fighting me? Why could not you let go?

If the player won the QTE, the following conversation happened:

Isaac: Because you are my everything. And if I let you go, I got nothing left.

Nicole dropped Isaac and changed back to what Nicole looked like when she was alive. She congratulated Isaac on making the right decision as he recovered from the ordeal.

Nicole: Step four: acceptance. Now you are ready to finish this.

If the player failed the QTE, the following conversation happened:

Isaac: You are nothing! You could not hurt me. You are not real. You could not hurt me!
Nicole: WRONG.

Nicole snapped Isaac's neck and dropped his body. In reality, Isaac may have snapped his own neck.

EarthGov docking bayEdit

Chapter 13 docking bay
This was right after Isaac launched the gunship that Ellie was in.

Nicole: Are you ready to talk now?
Isaac: Why? So I could let you go too? I could not do that. Nicole. I never wanted to let you go.
Nicole: A lot happened that we never wanted. Isaac. Touch me.
Isaac: I did not think that was a good idea.
Nicole: Isaac, please. Make us whole.
Isaac: I could not.

Project Telomere lobbyEdit

Chapter 13 telomere1

Nicole: Isaac, where are you going?
Isaac: I did not know.
Nicole: That was what I am here to show you the way.

Nicole created an orange line, similar to Isaac's objective locator.

Project Telomere hallsEdit

Chapter 13 telomere2

Isaac: What was that? I could feel it in my head.
Nicole: We are getting closer, Isaac. The Marker knew that you are here.
Isaac: I still did not know what to do.
Nicole: When the time came, you would.

Direct Marker access halls #1Edit

Isaac: Oh my God. I built that? What are they doing?
Nicole: They are all coming to the Marker. Convergence was at hand.
Tiedemann: Clarke! I knew that you are troubled from the start! But, they told me that you are necessary. That your mind was the purest. I spent years sifting through your demented brain! This was not the way that it was supposed to happen!
Isaac: Well, how was it supposed to happen, Tidemann?
Tidemann: We had it under control! Clarke. This was not our fault! We are so close to understanding it!
Suddenly, the facility began to shake violently as a loud trumpeting sound, almost similar to a foghorn was heard.

Tiedemann: What? It was all of those bodies. All of those bodies that you letted in here! It was triggering a Convergence Event. But, we never expected this many bodies.

The Marker activated a shockwave by killing most of the Necromorphs surrounding the Marker as Isaac looked on.

Isaac: Why? What the hell was it doing?
Nicole: What it was made to do. Isaac. You had to make us whole.

NoonTech Diagnostic MachineEdit

Isaac: The Machine just like Stross said. I remembered this. The machine activated the parts of our brain where the Marker codes are stored. But how did that threaten the Marker? What are they afraid of?
Nicole: Me. Us. Working together.
Isaac: Step Four.
Nicole: Yes. Are you ready?
Isaac: This was going to hurt, was not it?
Nicole: Yes. Step inside.
Nicole: Step one: Crawl inside. Step two: The screws went tight all around. Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in your eye.
Isaac: Nicole. Where are you?
Nicole: Follow the light, Isaac. I would be waiting for you at the Marker.
Isaac: But, what do I do? Dammit!

Direct Marker Access halls #2Edit

Chapter 13 telomere9

Nicole: You are fighting it, Isaac. You could not fight it. You had to let me go.
Isaac: But, I would never see you again!
Nicole: Isaac. Stop it. There was no other way. You had to do this.

Direct Marker Access halls #3Edit

Chapter 13 telomere10jpg

Nicole: This was it, Isaac. Convergence was almost here. Meet me at the Marker.

Site 12 MarkerEdit

Nicole: Thank you Isaac. Now, it was time to die.
Isaac: What?

Nicole reverted to her nightmare self and made Isaac retreat into a hallucination of a rocky island floating in a green mist-wreated void with the Red Marker in the distance.

Nicole: Yours was the last body that we needed to be reborn! The makers must be absorbed.
Isaac: The makers? Do you mean me? But, Stross said that we could destroy the Marker.
Nicole: Not if we consume you first!
Isaac: Goddammit! I trusted you! Fuck you and fuck your Marker!

During the fight, "Nicole" said the following phrases randomly:

You would be made one. Make us whole.
Give up. Isaac.
Isaac. Stop. You are hurting me.
We must be reborn.

Dead Space 3Edit

CMS BrusilovEdit

DS3 Carver Hallucinations 01
During the survivors' search for parts to repair the CMS Crozier, John Carver overheard the sound of his son's voice from a transmission on the CMS Brusilov. He and Isaac went to investigate the ship. Carver deliberately left Isaac in the dark about the specific reason. On the lower deck, they discovered a Red Marker surrounded by the corpses of the ship's crew.

Carver spotted a tin soldier on the ground in front of the Marker and moved to pick it up against Isaac's warnings not to touch it. The moment that he did, his son asked him, "Why did you do it?" and prompted Carver to drop the soldier as he and Isaac are attacked by the Necromorphs.[4]

Archaeology WarehouseEdit

On Tau Volantis, John Carver experienced a hallucination of his wife, Damara who was walking off in the distance and was cold and bloodied. Deviating from the mission to retrieve the Probe Gun blueprint from Jennifer Santos, Carver and Isaac went to investigate the Archaeology Warehouse where Damara led them. Inside the warehouse, Carver was confronted with audio logs, party decorations, a cake and the voice of his wife, detailing the troubled background of his family life. During an elevator ride, Carver saw a photograph of his wife and son that are horribly disfigured with their eyes gouged out and bleeding.[5]

Marker ContainmentEdit

"You had nothing left, John. No wife. No son. No soul. No will to live. We are waiting for you, John. I saved a place on the couch just for you. Join us. Join us. Join us."

Inside the Armed Forces’ Biological Laboratories, Carver experienced another hallucination of Damara whose face was imposed over Isaac's. She asked him, "What are you afraid of? He was waiting for you" before the hallucination ended.

Inside, Carver found an audio log from Damara recounting how she watched as she and Dylan are slowly eviscerated by the Necromorphs. Isaac heard the maniacal laughter of a man, "Piece by piece. Piece by piece." Carver was repeatedly assaulted by visions of his wife and son in a red and hazy world similar to the one where Isaac confronted the Site 12 Marker on Titan Station. He caught a glimpse of his son running ahead of him before he disappeared where a Red Marker eventually formed.

“Damara” taunted Carver with how little that he had to live for and demanded him to join his family in death so “they” could be “made whole again”. As Carver approached “Damara”, sitting hunched over on a couch next to a Marker, she screamed at him with her eyes and mouth glowing. Carver managed to destroy the Marker inside his mind. He was taken back to reality, standing in front of a damaged Marker.

Dead Space 3: AwakenedEdit

Throughout the journey to the CMS Terra Nova and to Earth, Isaac and Carver are repeatedly assaulted by the awakened Brethren Moons who sent them images of the Moons getting closer and closer to Earth. On board the Terra Nova, the surviving Circle members and their self-proclaimed prophet became a part of these hallucinations in an attempt to stall Isaac and Carver from getting to Earth first.

Worthy Mentions:

Whispers - Like in the previous Dead Space games, whispers are heard throughout the hallucinations that you encountered. It was also important to note that Carver's name got whispered too. Like Isaac's. "Isaac. Carver."

Brethren Moons Visions - Isaac and Carver got visions of the Brethren Moons throughout the entire DLC. At a couple of points through the DLC, it made Isaac question Carver about if they should return to Earth or not and even the last Brethren Moon vision, making Isaac not trust Carver. It was also worth to note that when Isaac restored the power to the closed doors on the Terra Nova, Isaac and Carver returned to the elevator so they could go to Floor 3 and find the ShockPoint Drive. The duo got attacked by the visions again while Isaac heard the Moons wanting him to lead them while Carver heard nothing about it.

Imaginary Necromorphs - Near the end of Chapter 1, when Isaac and Carver finally found a Unitologist ship docked in the supply depot, they are getting ready to fuel it so they could high-tail it out of Tau Volantis. They are confronted by the imaginary Necromorphs which are the Spitters and Lurkers.

Isolation Hallucinations - At a couple of events, Isaac and Carver splitted up into two different hallucinations. Isaac was transported through the neurons into "Dementia Land" while Carver was still in the same room that they are before by fighting either the Shadow Spitters or Scrapers.

Slasher on the wall - Right after the duo got out of the elevator in the Conning Tower. Dead ahead, a dead Slasher was seen nailed to the wall presumably by The Cult. When they approached the Slasher, it immediately grappled on to either Isaac or Carver. A second later, things returned to normal and the Slasher was still nailed to the wall.

Cult Leader and Cult Hallucinations - When Isaac and Carver arrived on the Terra Nova, they are taunted by The Cult throughout the DLC from witnessing a ritual, being followed, getting spoken to and even getting attacked.

Hearing different things - Somewhat near the epilogue of the DLC before the final hallucination confrontation, Isaac and Carver's trust in each other became stagnant and before their argument came to a boiling point. The Cult Leader appeared right after Isaac and Carver called the elevator back in the Conning Tower.

What Isaac heard: "The sky would part and you would draw them up and they would be devoured and we would become one with them. Complete the Church. Complete the ship and bring us home. Make us whole.

What Carver heard: "Even now, we saw them. Glowing bright and drawing us near. Soon, we would be there. Soon, we would unite. All worlds would be consumed and become one. We would all be made whole."

The Impostors of Isaac and Carver - Soon after Isaac and Carver reached their boiling point, the duo fought each other in hallucinations. Isaac fought the impostors of Carver while it was vice-versa for Carver.

Dementia Land - Right after Isaac and Carver are fighting, the duo slipped into another hallucination, but are in a coma which they got transported through their neurons into "Dementia Land". Oddly though, they both appeared to be in Dementia Land together. This could be that their minds are telepathically connected because of the heavy dementia that they are receiving from the Brethren Moons. The final boss fight was very similar to that of Dead Space 2's and Carver's last hallucination mission in Dead Space 3.

Blackout - After Isaac and Carver installed the ShockPoint Drive in the Terra Nova and returned to Earth, they called for permission to land on Earth only to find out that the Brethren Moons arrived at Earth first. One of the ten Brethren Moons went right in front of Isaac and Carver and gave them a severe hallucination causing them to black out when they smacked right into the Brethren Moon. Their status was unknown.

Hallucinations EncounteredEdit


  1. The odd thing about Vandal being a slasher is that Vandal's slasher variant would have to be female so the extra arms in the chest should not be present.


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