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Locke was an Earth Defense Force pilot assigned to the USM Eudora.


Journey to Tau Volantis[]

Alongside her co-pilot, Mark Rosen, Locke aided in the rescue of Isaac Clarke from the New Horizons Lunar Colony during the Unitologist siege on the colony.[1] Under Captain Robert Norton's orders, they entered ShockSpace, locking on to the shock beacon that Ellie Langford and her team had taken with them to Tau Volantis.[2] When they arrived at Tau Volantis, the Eudora was bombarded and severely damaged by mines left by the S.C.A.F. flotilla.[3] During the rush to safety, Rosen injured his leg and Locke tried to stave off the bleeding.

The destruction of the Eudora sent the room that Rosen and Locke were sealed in hurling through space towards the ruins of the S.C.A.F. flotilla. Norton, Clarke and John Carver managed to evade the mines and regain control of the compartment, guiding it and taking shelter inside the CMS Roanoke while Locke attempted to stop Rosen from losing blood. Norton and Carver managed to help the two out of the room while Clarke attempted to locate Langford's S.O.S.

During Isaac's search of the ship, Norton's team encountered the Necromorphs and were forced to adopt Clarke's unorthodox methods to kill them. Once Langford and her team were found, the group made a combined effort to search for parts that were necessary to repair the CMS Crozier. Once the shuttle was repaired, the crew made the perilous journey through the debris and mine field to reach the surface of Tau Volantis. As the shuttle started to fall apart, Locke's computer console exploded, rupturing the hull of the shuttle and pulling Locke out of the ship and into the atmosphere of the planet, killing her.[4]


  • In her 3-D model files, Locke is listed as "Yvonne".
  • Locke was the only member of Norton's crew who did not treat Isaac with hostility or uneasiness; rather, she did not interact with him directly at all.