Type: Audio
Characters: Spencer Mahad Marjorie Graves
Chapter: 4
Can be found:
Mahad: Dammit, Marjorie! I'm risking a lot of brave men and women down on that ice cube - soldiers that could be fighting the war back home! Now can somebody tell me for the love of God, what the hell we are looking for?
Graves: We are looking for hope, General.
Mahad: Oh good God in heaven...
Graves: Support for the war and our ability to fight it are dwindling. We are out of resources, we are out of public approval and we are out of time.
Mahad: Just answer my question. What are we looking for?
Graves: Markers.
Mahad: You must be joking...
Graves: No, General. I'm not. I will be sending Doctor Serrano to your quarters to give you a full briefing.
Mahad: You must be out of your god dammed...
Graves: General... You are dismissed.

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