Type: Text
Characters: Ambrose Caiden
Chapter: 14
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FROM: GOA Ambrose Caiden

TO: GEN Spencer Mahad


After receiving your reports on Dr. Serranos's latest discoveries and in light of recent activities at the marker test sites, it is the decision of the council to invoke scenario five. What we once thought would save us from extinction has only served to hasten it.

Everything about the markers - all research, all replicas, even the black marker - must be forever buried. All sites are to be shuttered. All involved planets are to be blacklisted. Everyone involved in the marker program, from Aspera to Aegis VII to Tau Volantis are to be executed.

We realize this will effectively negate our ability to fight the war against the separatists. They will no doubt take power and form an Earth government in the vacuum we leave behind. But to save the future of mankind, this must come to pass. Should one person, ship or scrap of paper survive to make its way into their hands, the epidemic will begin anew and our sacrifice will have been for nothing. I know I can count on you to carry out these orders.

It has been a pleasure working with you for these many years.

Long live the colonies.

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