Type: Audio
Characters: Spencer Mahad, Tim Caufman
Chapter: 11
Can be found:
Mahad: I want all of them! Every last bullet, private!

Caufman: I'm sorry General Mahad, sir, but without the munitions key -

Mahad: What's your name son?

Caufman: Uh, Caufman, sir! P-Pri-Private Tim Caufman, sir!

Mahad: Do you like potatoes, Tim?

Caufman: Y-Yes, sir. I... I... I guess so, sir.

Mahad: Good. Because if you don't find the goddamn key and have those munitions on a train by sundown, you'll be peeling goddamn potatoes for the rest of your goddamn miserable excuse for a military career!

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