Type: Text
Chapter: 2
Can be found: Inside the first node locked door Isaac comes across.
TITAN STATION Quarterly Economic Report
CLASSIFIED: Authorized Persons Only

Titan station unemployment grew unexpectedly to 9.5%, due to collateral job losses from the ongoing collapse of local planetcracking business

The aftermath of the Ishimura incident continues to depress all planetcracking activity, as more and more support services go out of business, leaving less and less capacity for planetcracking.

However, Titan Station continues to post a small profit, buoyed solely by the cash influx from EarthGov's scientific research and operations facilities. Human Needs and Services Organization has been spared the brunt of the planetcracking collapse by the pick-up in traffic with Government Sector.

Planetcracker docks, ships services, mining supplies and tool vendors continue to post heavy losses.
However the CEC itself has found moderate new life for its facility in the R&D department of the Government.