Type: Audio
Chapter: 1
Can be found: After acquiring the first plasma cutter, proceed forward until the overhead fire extinguishers turn on and you are attacked by some necromorphs shortly afterward. Ahead should be the a hallway blocked by debris (and is also on fire). On the other side of the debris is an item box and this audio log. Use your kinesis module to get it.
Orderly TPS Report 1138; Patient 3 has again shit the bed. Patient continues to draw what looks like a Marker in anything she can, including her own feces. Her trembling hands have reached a point where she cannot feed, drink or bathe herself. Her outlook is uncertain. Entry End.


  • The report number 1138 may be an homage to sci-fi producer and screenwriter George Lucas . Specifically, it references THX 1138, which Lucas himself has referenced in the same manner in his own films.
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