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"Lowmiller, get your guys to the bridges! we've got the codex coming through on the elevator with Danik! Keep Clarke off our asses, you hear me?"
—Circle member

Lowmiller was a member of Danik's Circle sent to Tau Volantis to kill Isaac Clarke. He was one of the fanatics trying to secure the codex.


Lowmiller is only mentioned during Chapter 16. While Isaac rapells down the wall in pursuit of Danik, a radio broadcast from the elevator instructs Lowmiller to lead his men onto the bridges lining the elevator shaft. Lowmiller probably had some sort of importance or high rank in the Circle as he leads his own squad. 

He probably died sometime after the instructions were sent, as he is never mentioned after this. Possible death causes are either by Isaac's hands in gunfight or the many Necromorphs that started attacking as they made their way further into the core of Tau Volantis.  


  • His name is written "Lowmilller" in the subtitles. This is most likely a typo, as this variation of the name doesn't exist.