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The Moon

Luna (commonly known as the Moon) is the only natural satellite of the Earth and the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System, after Io, a satellite of Jupiter.




The New Horizons Lunar Colony.

In 2045, Luna was colonized and the New Horizons Lunar Colony was created. Eventually, the colony became a staging area for missions to neighboring planets, and for hundreds of years, people migrated to Luna in droves. However, when distant space travel became less expensive and local resources were exhausted, the colony's industries began drying up. While once it was the place to be, it had become a slum populated by struggling businesses and an increasingly destitute population.[1]

As of the 26th century, while major corporations still maintain offices and work sites on Luna, no one seriously views it as a money-making opportunity anymore, instead simply considering it the sad place to layover while waiting for a flight out to a proper colony such as Mars or Venus.[1]

Necromorph Outbreak[]

Dead Space 3 Screenshot 2023.09.16 - 23.40.11

New Horizons after the Luna Marker was exposed by Jacob Danik.

In 2514, the Unitologist extremist group known as the Circle, led by Jacob Arthur Danik, attacked Luna's colony, succeeding in their endeavor to "free" the moon's Red Marker from the EarthGov-facilitated shroud. This action resulted in a Necromorph outbreak which presumably wiped out the New Horizons colony.[2]

After the outbreak, Isaac Clarke and Sgt. John Carver returned to Earth and Luna aboard the CMS Terra Nova recovered from above Tau Volantis. They attempted to contact anyone on the radio channels on Earth and Luna; however, all they received was the haunting sound of people being slaughtered by Necromorphs. They later found the Brethren Moons had arrived at Earth and were in the process of consuming the human race. One of the Brethren Moons then appeared in front of the Terra Nova, seemingly crashing into it.

Known Locations[]


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