Dead Space Wiki

Community Message to the Developers

We, the individuals of the Dead Space Wiki community and fans of the series, hereby would like to voice our discontent with the Online-Only Co-Op system of Dead Space 3.

It is our belief that, while the decision to include Co-Op as a significant feature of the game is entirely within the realm of the design team's creative license, the lack of support for local or CPU Co-Op despite the nature of the fanbase constitutes an egregious infringement on the freedom of playstyle for those who wish to enjoy the game to its fullest.

We, as such, wish to protest the current system and express the desire to see a local and/or CPU Co-Op system implemented in a patch, to supplement the current Online Co-Op system already in place. We seek this to ensure the Dead Space series remains true to its roots and remains accessible to all, both in our capacity as consumers and loyal fans of the series.

Thank you.

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