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The Maintenance Deck of the USG Ishimura is where maintenance is performed on shuttles and maintenance shuttles are docked. These hangars can be manually opened in the event of their Control Rooms sustaining damage. There are also several Sleep Blocks located on another floor of this Deck.

Tram Station[]

The Maintenance Deck has a single Tram Station with an information and communications terminal, as well as an elevator to different floors of the Deck.

Shuttle Bay Hall[]

Accessed via an elevator at the Tram Station, the Shuttle Bay Hall is a long hallway containing several storage rooms and three Shuttle Bays.

Shuttle Bay 46[]

Although the interior of Shuttle Bay 46 is never seen, it can be assumed that its appearance is similar (if not identical) to that of Shuttle Bay 47.

Shuttle Bay 47[]

Shuttle Bay 47 is a large, wide-open hangar that is very similar in appearance to the Executive Shuttle Bay, located on the Crew Deck. Shuttle Bay 47 is comprised of two levels, with the lower level made accessible via a Cargo Lift. The upper level houses Maintenance Shuttle 23 and also contains a Control Room. The lower level contains the launch hatch, and a Zero Gravity control terminal to make the area more easily traversable. In case the Control Room console is damaged, one must open the hatch manually by destroying all four power cores, located on the lower level. This is the only Shuttle Bay on the Maintenance Deck known to contain a shuttle.

Shuttle Bay 48[]

Although the interior of Shuttle Bay 48 is never seen, it can be assumed that its appearance is similar (If not identical) to that of Shuttle Bay 47.