Maintenance Shuttle 23
Maintenance Shuttle 23
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Maintenance Shuttle 23 was the shuttle used by Lexine, Weller and McNeill to escape the USG Ishimura. It was stored within Hangar 47 which was part of the Maintenance Deck. Interestingly, if one looked close enough, the shuttle seemingly bore the USG Fujinara suggesting that the shuttle was on the Ishimura for repair or was a vessel of its own right.

By the time Shuttle 23 left the Ishimura, the last of the shuttles are already gone leaving behind a majority of the survivors. As the shuttle set course toward a space station known as the Sprawl, the USG Kellion appeared, but neither of the vessels are able to communicate with each other (Acting as a type of prelude to the events of Dead Space).


  • It was speculated that the radio crackle at the start of the first Dead Space might have been Lexine Murdoch trying to contact the Kellion and warn them about the infection, but was unable to due to the debris or a faulty communication device.


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