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Marauder Suit
Marauderl suit DS3
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The Marauder Suit is a RIG suit in Dead Space 3. It is a reskin of the Elite Suit, acquired by purchasing either the Marauder Pack DLC, or the Tau Volantis Survival Kit DLC. Both DLCs include the suit's matching weapon, the AL-9 Clearcutter.

The Marauder Suit, like all DLC RIGs, is available from the first Suit Kiosk on the CMS Roanoke.


"Issued to S.C.A.F. Marauders during the Seperatist Wars, the Marauder suit was used by ship-boarding parties to breach Separatist defenses and destabilize their supply chains."
—Suit Kiosk description

The suit uses the neck to feet Legionary Suit model with an orange and white finish, and a motto under the Isaac's collar that says "BORN TO KILL" while Carver's version says "UNSTOPPABLE". The helmet appears to be a Legionary helmet with no viewports, but instead a trifocal set, similar to Sam Fisher's signature sonar trifocals.

Variants Edit

Legionary Suit

Sharpshooter Suit

Elite Suit

Hostile Environment Suit


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