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This Marine Colonel led the Marines of the USM Abraxis during their search and rescue mission on the USG O'Bannon. He would later order the ship to be destroyed and the survivors subdued.


The Earth Defense Force assigned the Colonel and the crew of the USM Abraxis to rescue any survivors from the USG O'Bannon which was on a classified mission to the Aegis System. After docking on the lifeless O'Bannon, the Colonel along with several other Marines discovered that the crew was massacred and only four survivors remained: Nickolas Kuttner, Nolan Stross, Isabel Cho and Alejandro Borges. Complications ensued, however, when an agitated Kuttner killed a Marine with his Plasma Cutter. The Colonel ordered the Marines to subdue the survivors to prevent further harm from being done.

The O'Bannon was then destroyed while the Abraxis initiated a ShockPoint jump back to the Sprawl.


  • The visor color of the Colonel's helmet is different from other Marines, being green while the rest of the Marines have the standard blue tint seen in Dead Space. While this is unique for a physically-appearing character, posters in Dead Space feature Marines with the green visor as well.