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Red markers

Marker 1A shown alongside Markers 2A and 3A during a SCAF briefing.

Marker 1A was a Red Marker that was created on the remote planet of Kreemar under the Sovereign Colonies.[1]


In the decades following the discovery of the Black Marker in 2214 on Earth, the Sovereign Colonies government began researching the extent of its capabilities and structure in the hopes of using it to discover a source of renewable energy, thus solving humanity's ongoing resource crisis. Eighty years after the Black Marker was first exhumed, the artifact was successfully reverse-engineered with at least three copies of it being created, which were sent to three remote planets: Kreemar, Aspera and Aegis VII. The copy sent to Kreemar was called Marker 1A.

Although the Red Markers were built by the scientists, their creation was more accurately described as "growing" the artifacts and they remained just as mysterious as the original Black Marker.[2] Upon activation, the science teams began to study the Marker signal in the hopes of understanding it, determining that the Markers were not actually creating the signal but were instead receiving it from somewhere in deep space and re-broadcasting it.[3] It was also noted that the Markers on Aegis VII, Aspera and Kreemar demonstrated accurate triangulation and could communicate with each other to act as one regardless of light-years of distance.[4]

Eventually, the Red Markers triggered Necromorph outbreaks on their respective planets, all in unison.[1] Fully aware of the danger of the Markers, the Sovereign Colonies eventually prohibited all travel to Kreemar, burying the records of the experiment as well those of Aspera and Aegis VII.[5]