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"We are whole. You will know. You will see. Like we see you."
—The Marker's whispers to Isaac Clarke, after he has placed all Fragments.[1]
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A Marker Fragment.

A Marker Fragment is a type of collectible found only in the New Game+ mode of Dead Space (2023). Marker Fragments take the form of a small Marker replica made of stone and adorned with Marker symbols. There are twelve Fragments to be found prior to the game's last chapter, all located on the USG Ishimura.

The purpose of these Fragments is to be placed on the "ritual table" found in Captain Benjamin Mathius' room in the Executive Quarters of the Crew Deck. Once all twelve of these Fragments are placed, dialogue in the final chapters will change and the game's secret ending will play instead of the normal ending.

List of Marker Fragments[]

DSR Marker Fragment 1

Flight Deck[]

Found on the Flight Deck. One new starting point alters fate.
DSR Marker Fragment 2


Found in Medical. One cell, corrupted, infects a whole body.
DSR Marker Fragment 3


Found in Engineering. A vast machine pivots around one cog.
DSR Marker Fragment 4


Found near Administration. One uncorrected failure collapses a system.
DSR Marker Fragment 5

Dr. Mercer's Office[]

Found in Dr. Mercer's office. One fear, indulged, reshapes a man.
DSR Marker Fragment 6


Found in Cryogenics. One man can wake what sleeps in the ice.
DSR Marker Fragment 7


Found in Hydroponics. Poison and cure grow from one seed.
DSR Marker Fragment 8

Mining Deck[]

Found on the Mining Deck. One secret unearthed dooms all the world.
DSR Marker Fragment 9


Found in Communications. One word changed inverts all meaning.
DSR Marker Fragment 10

Crew Deck #1[]

Found on the Crew Deck. What difference will one death make?
DSR Marker Fragment 11

Crew Deck #2[]

Found on the Crew Deck. One push takes you over the precipice.
DSR Marker Fragment 12

Cargo Bay[]

Found in the Cargo Bay. One fragment shapes the greater whole.


  • Picking up a Marker Fragment for the first time earns the player the "Marked" achievement trophy, and seeing the remake's secret ending earns the "Reunion" achievement/trophy.