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"The Human team must destroy the Marker experiments to keep them from falling into the wrong hands."
—Multiplayer objective.

Marker Lab is one of the seven Multiplayer maps in Dead Space 2. It is set in the Government Sector of Titan Station. The Security Team is sent in to destroy all Marker experiments that were being conducted while continuously battling the sheer number of the Necromorphs. Marker Lab features 5 objectives that need to be completed before the timer runs out. The objectives mainly consist of deactivating the blast shields protecting the Markers and then blasting them to the point of destruction.


  • Due to the appearance of Necromorphs in the Marker Labs, it can be assumed that the Security Team is sent in after Isaac Clarke allows Necromorphs inside the Government Sector in Chapter 13.
  • The map has features that resemble their story mode counterparts, but they're changed in size and shape. They still retain their original concept, however.