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"They continue to draw strange symbols on any surface they can find. And when no other surface is available, they use their own skin. After persistent inquiries as to what they were doing, one of them finally turned to me and spoke. "We witness the truth," he said. "And so will you!""
—Dr. Earl Serrano about the "witnesses" who would later become the Hunters.[1][2]
Marker Symbols

Marker symbols.

Marker Symbols are a set of symbols produced by the Markers. Individuals affected by Marker-induced dementia often see these symbols while hallucinating and may feel a compulsive need to write them down wherever they can, including their own bodies. In many cases, individuals will even begin to hear the symbols whispering to them. The symbols can also be found on the surface of the Markers themselves where they represent the genetic code of the Necromorphs.


Dead Space[]

  • In Dead Space (2008) and Dead Space (2023), the symbols can be found all over the walls of the USG Ishimura and the Aegis VII Colony, written either in blood or in marker pen. Several of these same messages are also seen as part of the "Nicole" hallucinations and can appear on the ship's monitors. Below is a translation of these texts:
    "Unity is forever. Death is only the beginning. Keep us whole!"
    "Do not fear death for it is the ultimate journey. A necessary step to new life."
    "The unity future of mankind is a place, a physical journey that must be taken, a pilgrimage reserved for only the privileged ones when the time comes."
    "Keep us whole! Make us whole! Marker. The sacred relic. The message from our creators."
    "Humans will learn that by death of their worldly spirit they will be reborn in unity as a stronger community unending."
    "Let us be one!"
    "Do you believe? Your light shows the way. We have left you a gift."
    "Sacrifice is inevitable."
    "Fear not. It's just death."
    "Come with me. Join me in eternal unity."
    "The pilgrimage is at hand! Unity is at hand!"
    "I do want to die. I do want to die. I do want to die."
    "Altman be praised!"
    "Black Marker."
    "The time has finally come! Don't be afraid and rejoin the holy one Altman, our martyr, our pioneer."
    "The Black Marker is really really close. The Black Marker is within reach!"
    "Don't you dare question my faith! Believe or die!"
    "Live for the Church, die for the Church."
    "Give unto the Church and the Church will give unto you."
    "The body is holy and the Church is the safekeeper of this holy vessel."
    "The ships are coming for the chosen."
    "Nicole is dead." (2023 remake only)
    • On the Medical Deck, several notes on the Marker can be seen covering the walls. Some of these notes read:
      "All are one."
      "Unity is the answer."
      "Death is only the beginning."
      "DNA - Two strands into one." (2023 remake only)
      "We are the flesh and the answer." (2023 remake only)
      • In the 2023 remake, an additional note can be found on the walls of the Medical Deck showing the three Red Marker test sites of Aegis VII, Aspera and Kreemar, with the message:
        "The Markers speak. The Markers remember."
      • Also in the 2023 remake, Isaac's objective will change to a message written in Marker symbols after escaping the first encounter with the Hunter in the Marker's room in Chapter 10. When translated, the objective reads "Turn it off", a reference to the Alien Machine keeping the Tau Volantis Moon frozen. Later, when moving the Marker towards the shuttle, Isaac's objective will similarly change to a message translating to "Make us whole again".

Dead Space 2[]

  • In Dead Space 2, if you move the camera around the various menus, there will be several messages written in Marker symbols alongside the Red Marker in the background, which represents the inside of Isaac's mind. These messages translate to:
    "In the end, it all comes down to just one little thing..."
    "Unity after death, unity forever."
    "Your body now, our body later, one body forever."
    "You can't stop what's coming."
    "Convergence is at hand."
    "Let us fear nothing. Death is only a transition to the unity beyond."
    "Welcome back Nicole Brennan."
    "It's not over between us, you can't run from me forever."
    "Ixtab the Rope Woman."
    "Make us whole."
    "We must believe in it and bend ourselves to its will and then it will heal us."
    "The answer is in Chicxulub."
    • Throughout the game, the messages written on the walls of the Sprawl are the same as those from the first game alongside several new ones:
      "The Marker is here. I have seen it."
      "I doubted, but now I see, in death we are free."
      "Convergence will come and we will be made whole."
      "I see it. I see it. I see the light."
      "Altman saw. We must see. Death will set us free."
      "Our bodies are from the Marker. Our bodies will return to it."
      "Torn body, torn promise. Whole body, whole promise."
      "Cleanse me! Take me away."
      "They will never ever understand."
      "Death transcends us all."
      "It is too late. I cannot bring my baby back."
      "Kill for the Church, die for the Church."
      "I love to hear you scream."
      "Do not give in to your pain."
      "I am scared. We are all scared. I don't want to end like this. Altman help us all."
      "Curse this rotten faith!"
      "Unitology is a hoax."
      "I do not want to kill but I do not want to die."
      "Do not lose faith. It is all that matters. It is all we have."
      "We will endure. We will overcome this turmoil. We will not falter."
    • In the Unitology Indoctrination Chamber, the holographic screens in front of one of the seats with the body of a woman (who was presumably undergoing Indoctrination) will repeatedly showcase messages written in Marker symbols. These messages translate to:
      "Believe in the truth of unification. Elevate your life to a new place of enlightenment."
      "Death is only the beginning. We are all one in the eternal flame of release."
      "The light of the Universe shines through us. Take the first step to your rebirth."
      "Join us in paradise. Be one with all. Bring light through the darkness."
    • When successfully penetrating Isaac's eye using the Noonlight Diagnostics Machine, a message will flash in front of Isaac's eyes:
      "The world must end."
      • During the fight against "Nicole" and the Red Marker within Isaac's mind, the rocky island floating in the green mist-wreated void where Isaac stands is covered in Marker symbols with several messages:
        "We follow the path set down by the holy relic."
        "The words will be the fire that lights our way."
        "The darkness will subside and our eyes will be opened when we gaze upon that which we resolved."
        "That which we came from and that to which we must ascend."
        "We await the reunion with those who have gone before us and those who are yet to come."
        "The unity of flesh and mind and purpose."
        "Holy Convergence will be the savior of all mankind."

Dead Space 3[]

  • In Dead Space 3, Marker messages are first encountered on the walls of Admiral Marjorie Graves' room on the CMS Roanoke. These messages are:
    "Turn it off."
    "I have seen it."
    "The plan."
    "The Markers."
    "Set us free."
    • In the room where Isaac must assemble "Rosetta" to find out the truth about the Tau Volantis Moon and the Alien Machine, there are several messages lining the walls:
      "Turn it off."
      "As above so below."
      "It talks to me."
      "The end of man."
    • In the Awakened DLC, several new messages can be found on the floor and walls of the CMS Terra Nova after it was taken over by the New Cult:
      "Is this the unity we have all been waiting for? Is it happening?"
      "Do not lose faith. It is all that matters. Build a church of flesh. Join us."
      "They are coming. They are hungry. Make us whole."
      "Take our hands. Take our eyes. Take our minds."
      "Salvation is coming. We will live forever."
      • Aboard the Terra Nova, the SCAF coffins have been painted over with Necromorph drawings and the word "Chosen" written in Marker symbols.
      • Some of the doors on the Terra Nova have messages written in Marker symbols on the screens above them:
        "Salvation awaits."
        "Enter and be judged."


  • In Dead Space 2 and Dead Space: Catalyst, it is revealed that depending on the individual's mind, Markers can reveal codes and blueprints that give information on how to create more Markers. This is how the Site 12 Marker on the Sprawl was made. Kinner Phelps, a scientist who worked on the creation of the Site 12 Marker, speculated that the Markers, starting with the Black Marker, have been actively manipulating humans into making copies of themselves.[3]
  • In Dead Space (2023), Marker symbols will briefly flash across the screen whenever Marker 3A pulses, starting with the first pulse in Chapter 1 as Isaac goes to replace the damaged tram car and passes by the Marker's cargo bay.
  • During Hans Tiedemann's last appearance in Dead Space 2, one can see that he has Marker symbols on his burnt forehead which spell "PAIN".
  • Ellie Langford wears a bracelet in Dead Space 2 that bears the word "LIFE" in Marker symbols.