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Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is the secondary hub of the solar system. Mars is most likely a very populous planet, given that numerous characters are either from or have lived there at some point. Mars has most likely been terraformed to allow easy movement on the surface of the planet.[1] The planet was also the site of several violent pro-Martian independence riots in which most likely hundreds, if not thousands, lost their lives.[2]

Abraham Neumann mentions that even the initial Dementia-induced insomnia, murders, assaults, and suicides on Aegis VII were nothing compared to the riots on Mars. The capital city of the planet, Mars Capita, was the location of these riots between the Mars Capita Security Force, in addition to hosting numerous corporations and the Martian Docks. The situation has since calmed down on the planet since there are tours being offered on the planet. However, according to Tyler Radikov, living on Mars is not a pleasant experience. The Church of Unitology also maintains a significant presence on Mars.

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