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The Mars Capita Security Force was the primary law and security enforcement agency in the Mars Capita on Mars effectively serving as a localized Gendarmerie. It could be assumed that the entirely of The Security Enforcement Guard was under federal control.

History Edit

The security force had problems with the Mars independence riots by the Martian independence revolutionaries. They are dispatched the by local authorities. The special motorized and engineer sections are also dispatched to restore order to the city, only to result in a fierce battle that killed possibly thousands of rioters and policemen. After the riot ended, the city was half-destroyed and rebuilded by special forces and with a new administration. Initially, the security force was repopulated due to the deaths of many officers or not. In 2508, it was unknown what become of the force when the Necromorph outbreak started on Mars when the Marker was released in the EarthGov Headquarters.

Trivia Edit

  • According to Abraham Neumann, his father worked as a security officer there.
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