The Mars independence riots[1] are a series of violent struggles initiated in Mars's capital city, Mars Capita by the Martian independent revolutionaries.

The riotsEdit

Due to the possibly flourishing, self-sustaining industries, military infrastructure and civilian establishments, Mars seemed to be more than a suitable environment for pro-independence movements. Several years before the events on Aegis VII, a massive riot (Or revolution) ensued in Mars Capita. The local authorities dispatched the Mars Capita Security Force along with special motorized and engineer sections to restore order to the capital city, only to result in a fierce battle that killed possibly thousands of rioters and policemen.[2]

The riots nevertheless sparked a revolution and provided Mars Capita with a new administration, apparently based on more "idealist" politics.[3]

Rebuilding of Mars CapitaEdit

As Natalia Deshyanov stated,[1] the Martian independence revolution virtually destroyed Mars Capita to a great extent and engineers are needed to take part in emergency rebuilding efforts.


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