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T UI Thmb Env Prop Pickups Medpack Small

A small Med Pack in Dead Space (2023).

"The Med Pack is a single-dose standard issue healing agent commonly used in the highly dangerous, isolated work environments of outer space. The vastly accelerated healing effects routinely save lives, but often result in misaligned bones and other soft tissues, requiring follow-up surgeries to correct."
—Official description[1]

Medical Packs, often called Med Packs, are items that restore health. They are frequently dropped by recently killed Necromorphs, the same as Credits and ammunition, and can also be bought within the Store once the necessary blueprints have been acquired.


T UI Thmb Env Prop Pickups Medpack Medium

A medium Med Pack.

T UI Thmb Env Prop Pickups Medpack Large

A large Med Pack.

Med Packs come in small, medium, and large sizes. Each container is filled with a cyan gel that can both heal and stabilize even the most grievous wounds inflicted on a person. A few Med Packs should always be kept in the Inventory in case of injury. Unlike ammunition, Med Packs take up one inventory slot each and are therefore "unstack-able".

In Dead Space (2008), pressing the "quick-heal" button automatically uses the smallest Med Pack in the player's inventory, while in Dead Space 2 and 3, it uses the medium Med Pack if two or more health bars are missing and the small one if only one bar is missing; the large Pack is selected only if it is the only one remaining, and must be used manually otherwise. It is revealed in Dead Space 3 that Med Pack technology has been available for at least 200 years as there are a great many of them amongst the S.C.A.F. installations on Tau Volantis and the fleet in orbit, and the key ingredient is Somatic Gel.

General Tips[]

Dead Space (2008)[]

  • Small Med Packs only heal one bar of health or 25 HP, making them only suitable for minor injuries, and they progressively become less and less useful the longer the game is played and the higher the game's difficulty level. The space they take up isn't worth it compared to the larger, more useful Med Packs and they should be sold or stored at the nearest Store as soon as possible.
  • Medium Med Packs heal two bars of health (50 HP) which is usually enough to patch up most types of injuries that will be sustained when fighting the Necromorphs; they seem to be the most common form of Med Pack encountered and thus are likely the most commonly used type of Med Pack.
  • Large Med Packs are rare and valuable; they are capable of literally bringing a player's character from the brink of death to full fighting strength almost instantly, making them life savers in tough situations. However, it is very wasteful to use one without fully upgrading the RIG to max health capacity first as a large Med Pack is capable of restoring all 8 health bars (200 HP) of a fully upgraded RIG and it is quite easy to restore full health when not fully upgraded using other types of Med Packs.
  • Large Med Packs can only be instantly used with the "Health" button when no other lesser Med Packs are being carried, so the only way to use one under those circumstances is to manually select one from the inventory. This is not as tedious as it sounds, since the large Med Packs are always stored at the top of the inventory menu and can be quickly selected with some practice.
  • Don't buy Med Packs unless you are very desperate, as it is usually quite easy to find more of them during your travels by exploring or simply looting dead Necromorphs.
  • It is best not to carry more than 2 to 3 Med Packs at a time, and only if you have a Level 5 suit or greater. Carrying any more could compromise your ammo-carrying capacity.

Dead Space 2[]

  • In Dead Space 2, Med Packs are significantly harder to find than in the first game and enemies will almost never drop them when the player's character is at full health, even on low difficulty levels. On the other hand, when injured, they are more likely to appear. Nonetheless, Med Packs should be used sparingly and extras deposited at the store whenever possible.


  • Health Packs contain a powerful analgesic similar to morphine that is metered according to the severity of body damage. This means that a Med Pack contains a form of painkiller.[2]
  • Med Packs in Dead Space 2 restore not a number of health bars but an amount of health instead.